Have you ever not let your child be friends with another child because you thought they were a bad influence?

Yes I have. If I felt like the child would be a bad influence I would sit my child down and explain that I don't like the idea of them hanging out because I feel like the other child is a bad influence and that I don't want my child in trouble because the other child gave him or her bad ideas and they didn't know any better than to just follow the other child. I should know how that works because I've been in quite a bit of trouble growing up and I still get into trouble

How much does 5 cigarettes a day affect breathing?

I smoked about 4 cigarettes a day for approximately 10 years, from 16 - 26. From my early-mid 20s, every winter I would get chronic bronchitis that would last so long it would make the blood vessels in my throat break from coughing so long and hard. Also

How do we maintain six pack for whole life?

Never put on fat in the first place. Fat cells are forever. Think of them like a balloon that is blown up. If you

Are rack pulls more effective than deadlifts and less taxing on the lower back?

Are rack pulls more effective than deadlifts?No. However they are a very useful deadlift accessory to help build strength on the top end of the lift / lockout.[Are rack pulls] less taxing ln the lower back.From my experience, I would say No, again. Deadlifting from the floor