Have you ever not lost something when you were moving?

Yeah! I have lost . That time I was studying 8th i went to ma cousin house at Mumbai. There we were returning after shopping from a mall in local train .

There I felt like some one keeping hand on ma pocket . It too too crowedy hence I thought by mistake someone's hand would have touched my pocket. Hence I didn't took it serious . After some tome most of the crowd went off and I got a seat to sit hence after sitting on the seat . I tried to take out my phone . It was not there.i found some one would have took it.

I felt really sorry for that . And after going to my house . By contacting the customer care I just blocked that SIM card and that number . But I didn't get ma phone back

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Why is Top Ramen bad for you?

Carbs and sodium.The carbs in ramen noodles are from wheat. There is 26 g of carbs in the packages I have available. These carbs do little for you other than put on weight.A package of seasoning mix in Chicken Flavor Top Ramen contain 910 mg of sodium, or 38% of the daily value you should be eating. Shrimp Flavor

Have you ever fallen in love with a dead person?

In a way yes! There was this guy I knew my entire life. Went to church with him. Went to school with him for a while. We sat together on the bus a few years. We were friends, not close friends but friends. I

Would Germany likely have won WW2 if Hitler had left his generals alone?

Quite the opposite before Stalingrad. After that they had lost the war when Hitler distrusted his generals as any sane man would. Stalin would have had them shot. If they had listened to Hitler they most likely would have won ww2.Why distrust?Hitler knew that they