Have you ever peed in a bed that wasnt your own?


It was a whie back. I had been getting dehydrated and a bladder infection but decided to go over to my friends house anyways. I really wanted to go and do I packed light, not wanting to haul a ton of stuff over there.

I was okay throughout the evening, although feeling slightly uncomfortable from the familiar "burning" and urge to pee every five seconds. I just kept drinking water and everything would be okay.

Well that night, I guess I didnt really use the bathroom before I went to bed and ... Well early in the morning my bladder exploded her bed. I was confused and scared because it was so sudden without any urge or warning.

Needless to say I was super embarrassed and havent gone over to spend the night since. That morning, my dad picked me up super early and took me to King Soopers to get me some Pedialyte. I was on that stuff for a week.

That was one of of my worst and embarassing moments. Peeing in someone elses bed.

While travelling, I stopped at an inexpensive hotel, and I was very tired from all the travelling I'd been doing, it was my last night of a 2 night stopover, cold and I did the old dreaming of wetting and actually did waking midstream, thought "it too cold to get out of bed I'll just finish in the bed" lucky for this hotel had plastic a covered mattress, in the morning I stripped down the bed "helping" the maids so they didn't have to touch the wet sheets.

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