Have you ever peed on another person?

Here I thought I wasn't going to write anonymous again and you ask this question.

As an adult yes, i've peed on another person, and i've peed in another person too.

I'm male and this was two females, at different times. First one was a woman that wanted to try out many sexual things with me even though her daily appearance would never make you think she wanted to experience so much. So one of the tamer things we did was I would pee on her. I would make her female ejaculate as well but it rarely got to fall on me because I had to remove my penis quickly from her so naturally my body as well.

Anyhow, at some point we talked about a movie were a woman is sexually harrasing a guy and he says "excuse me I have to go to the bathroom" and she says "save something for me". So we laughed and the she asked if we could try it out in the shower. So we did. She being very orgasmic said she loved the hot stream I produced (very clear due to all the water need to produce it). So every time we had sex we would get in the shower first to wash up and she would ask if I had save something for her and I would usually say yes and pee on her. She liked to get it in her buttocks and in the crack between them.

At some point I asked her to do similar with me and we only managed once to get her to pee on my penis when I sat in the toilet and refused to move so she could pee, she didn't want to pee on me but I didn't move and playfully had her sit on me and pee, some of the stream hit my penis. That's as far as she would go as she wouldn't pee on me on the shower. She wanted me to try to pee inside her but for some reason the mechanics of it were such that it just wouldn't work. I tried entering her first and then peeing but it just wouldn't go. I tried starting outside and then entering her but as she was shorter than me the angle and the way I had to grab my penis would always cause it to stop as I was entering her so only a tiny squirt would go in, if any. We really weren't sure because with all the shower water it was confusing.

We tried it once in bed but it was messy as it tried to start peeing and quickly enter her and same thing it would stop.

Anyhow it was fun, and being that pee is sterile as it comes out she wasn't and I wasn't unconfortable either way.

The second woman was a similar experience except she was bolder and with height similar to mine. She asked her once if she could lay on the shower floor (we put some blankets down) and have me pee all over her. I did, except for her head and she even turned around so I could get her big chest and her back too.

Eventually she also discovered that the most exciting was to pee her buttocks and in the crack between them. I would sometimes aim at her vagina and clitoris and she would have an orgasm if I peed her long enough.

We also tried for me to pee inside her in the shower but the mechanics again played against us. She would lubricate more so it was easier for me to enter her but something, I think it was the angle, just wasn't right so no luck.

Until one day she was on a position straddling a corner of the bed face down. That was my usual position to make her ejaculate and she did so with force. I found I was able to easily enter and remove my penis as I was making her ejaculate a few times in a couple of minutes. So I asked her if she would want me to try me to pee inside her and she was excited about the idea and says yes. So I entered her and I guess she was relaxed enough and I was full enough that I just tried to relax and think relaxing thought and the flow started. I was worried she would be upset but she liked it. She liked it a lot. I was a long flow or so it felt to me, it probably wasn't. I moved in and out a couple of times and she enjoyed it. Eventually I pulled out and all of the pee came out and she had a massive orgasm as it was a mix of my pee and her female ejaculation.

At some point I was concerned about any health issues of peeing inside her vagina but after reading a lot I found out that we just don't have to do it too frequently and she will be ok. I also take a lof of water when we try it and I hope we try it again soon.

A Friend.

This was the time when I went on a vacation with five of my friends.

Me and two of my friends were on the beach (the rest three were in the hotel) I hadn't been to a beach in a long time and so was crazed out like a kid. There was this one thing I always did since I was a kid every time I was on a beach. Dig a hole!

I starting digging with this play-shovel I had brought along with me. I could see my other two friends at some distance from me arguing about something. I was pretty good at digging, after all I had done every time. I dig a hole big enough for me to stand in no time! I called my friends from inside the hole to come over here. At the very moment they were upon me, there was a high tide from the sea which filled my hole (and washed me too!) with water. This made me salty! But then I heard my friend cry and when I looked towards her she was dancing while holding her ankle with one hand. I got out of my hole, all panicked, and asked her, what happened? "JELLY FISH STING", she cried!

She was in so much pain. My other friend suggested if we can carry her to the our hotel but she said it was two miles to the hotel and she can't wait for that long. I was relieved because I was too tired from digging the hole and even I wouldn't have survived two miles of carrying her either. She was crying with pain and cursing all the damn jelly fishes!

Suddenly this one thing that I saw on Discovery Channel crossed my mind. I looked at her and said, "You're gonna have to pee on it." She was grossed out by this, still dancing from the pain. The other friend also confirmed this and said that there's something like ammonia in it that kills the pain. She was still in denial of the fact that this was our only option. I offered my well dug hole if she needed privacy.


All six of us were back home from the vacation. We three (who were at the beach) hadn't looked each other in the eye since that incident. It was even awkward to stay in the same room as the other. We were just too traumatized. But still we had to get past this.

The other three had asked numerous times on our way back about what had happened at the beach which had made us this way, but we somehow always dodged the question.

So here we were, the six of us, at her apartment when his own brother said if we could make this beach visit an annual thing (his own brother can you imagine!). All three of us sang "NO" in unison. To this the girl who was holding his brother's hand (what were they so happy about) said, "That's it guys what happened out there?" She tried to play it cool by saying we just took a walk. The other three knew this wasn't it. So the brother asked me specifically what had actually happened. This was the moment, I thought. We had to face it sometime. We three had to move on!

I stood up, and both of them came to stop me, with revolting looks on their faces. She said, "We swore!". "They'll never understand.", he said. But I explained them that I cannot hold it inside me any longer (I am not good with secrets). I just had to get it out.

I started, pointing at her, "She was stung by a jellyf-", she stopped me in the middle of the sentence. "Alright", she said, as if coming to terms with the fact that we had to tell them about the incident.

"Alright", she said again while patting my belly, as in comforting me. "I got stung...stung bad." she started moving toward them in a dramatic fashion, taking her time, clearly fighting her way to the words. "I couldn't stand. I-I couldn't walk."

"We were two miles from the house." He started, following her lead. "Scared and alone, we didn't think we could make it." He reached her, tried to comfort her by keeping his hands on her shoulders and retracting at the very moment, still traumatized.

"I was in too much pain", she said, with her face showing she still is, not the physical pain, but the pain of the mind.

"And I was tired from digging the hole!"

And then he pointed his finger towards me saying, "And then he remembered something."

"I saw this thing on the discovery channel-"

"Wait a minute", the brother said. DAMMIT WILL SOMEONE LET ME COMPLETE MY SENTENCES?

He continued, "I saw that on the Discovery Channel-" Of course he did. Discovery Channel is what is he watches all day (he's a very nerdy guy with particular interest in dinosaurs). "-about jelly fish and how if you-", and then he turned toward his sister as if already solved the mystery of birth of universe and goes "EWWW! You peed on yourself?" The other two girls went "Ewww" too.

"You can't say that! You don't know! I thought I was going to pass out from the pain!", she defended herself. "I mean I tried, but I-I couldn't bend that way", she said still standing beside him. And then they both looked at me with hopeful, yet grateful eyes.

The apartment echoed with "Ewww", with all eyes on me.

"That's right I stepped up! She's my friend and she needed help", I said proud of what I had done for my friend.

"If I had to, I'd pee on any one of you!", I said.

As a matter of fact, I have peed on someone. My husband, to be exact. If that kinky part of your brain is starting to perk up, go ahead and tell it to go back to sleep. This is not that kind of story. It should have been, and it nearly was, but things don't always turn out as you would like.

My husband and I were sixteen and twenty years old when we first met, and we would often have these silly little pretend fights that led to sex. We still do, I suppose. I had a free period after lunch, and Anthony sometimes drove to my school and parked across the street where I would sneak out to meet him for a midday make out session.

On this particular day, we were in the back of his car, and I was on his lap. He was fully dressed but his pants were already open and his erection was happily poking out. My school uniform was oddly enough designed in a way that made car sex easy. The skirt assured easy access, and the shirt could button down just far enough to free the titties. I still wonder what kind of pervert designed it. It seemed convenient to keep our clothes on, but we'd soon regret that decision.

Anthony had not thought to bring any condoms, but I had a keychain with a clear plastic bubble that contained a single condom. It was a gag gift from a friend, and the package said something like "in case of emergency, break plastic". He tried to grab the keychain, but I took it and held it away from him, jokingly telling him that it was too sentimental to be used. We "struggled" to gain control over the keychain with the condom, all the while his erection was bopping up and down underneath me.

Anthony was obviously getting impatient, and he decided that the quickest way to get the condom was to tickle me. And he did. I am extremely ticklish, and I begged him to stop. I told him that I was going to pee if he didn't quit, but he thought I was joking. I was not.

I tried so hard not to pee, but suddenly it just happened. You might be thinking that it was a couple of drops or a slow trickle, but my bladder was pretty full. Anthony continued to tickle me for another second or two, until he felt the warm pee run down on him. By then it was to late for me to stop the flow, and I continued to empty my bladder all over his lap. I was horrified, and I just kept repeating that I was sorry. My poor boyfriend was completely disgusted and yelled "You peed on me! You really peed on me! Why didn't you tell me that you were serious?!!". It isn't easy to speak clearly when you are literally having the piss tickled out of you, but I did everything in my power to communicate the urgency. To this day, my husband insists that I was to blame for not making him stop, but I know how hard I tried to prevent the disaster.

And it really was a disaster. The backseat was soaked in my pee, and so were our clothes. It no longer seemed like such a good idea to keep them on, because now we were stuck in a parking lot with clothes that were wet and heavy with pee. The only comfort was that I drink a lot of water, so the pee itself could have been nastier. My husband's grandma happened to live right behind my high school, so Anthony climbed over the seat and drove us to her house. We ran through her living room, where she was playing cards with some friends, and into her bathroom. We got in the shower together and cleaned up, but Grandma had followed us and was standing on the other side of the door making small talk. I knew her because one of her sons was my host dad, and she asked Anthony if that was Vicky (she continued to call me that until the day she died) who he had dragged into her bathroom. He said yes, and begged her to go away, but she insisted on knowing if we were okay. Finally he just told her that we'd had an accident, and could she please go get us both some clean clothes. Nothing shocked that woman, and I am pretty certain that I heard her say "That happens to the best of us" as she moved away from the door.

We had time to have an awkward cup of coffee with grandma before Anthony drove me back to school. I had left the library with my school uniform on and my hair nicely done. I returned an hour later with wet hair, wearing oversized men's sweatpants and t-shirt with a picture of a kitten cuddling a Labrador on it. It was decidedly preferable to going to school soaked in urine, so I just kept my head held high and waited for the day to end.

Yes. Just recently actually! I have always had a pissing fetish, and was really turned on by it but never had the guts to admit that to any of my girlfriends.

Anyway, the girlfriend I have now is the coolest chick ever and I trusted her enough that I could tell her my deepest darkest fetish. I'm 25 and she was 17 at the time. She's not into the pissing fetish herself but wanted to try it with me because I wanted to.

One day we smoked and got really high and drunk decided to try it out. She kneeled in the bathtub as I stood over her and aimed my cock at her, but it was really hard to start the stream since I was nervous and high (she also kept licking my cock, which made pissing really difficult).

Eventually I got the stream going and started pissing on her tits, working my way up to her face and hair. As I continued I got more confident and told her to open her mouth, which she promptly did and then proceeded to swallow a mouthful of piss. She opened her mouth again and swallowed twice more. Afterwards she sucked my cock and the whole experience turned me on so much I came right away. Then we showered together and had more hot sex in the bedroom.

We haven't tried this again since that night but it was truly an amazing sexcapade. I have the most beautiful, adventurous and coolest girlfriend and there are many more sexcapades to be had in the future.

My loving bride was taking her sweet time on the potty. And I REALLY needed to go. Bad.

Really bad.

I finally walked into the bathroom and suggested that she scoot back a bit, 'cause I was going to pee between her legs.

She laughed, and said, "No way!"

Yes way.

She stopped laughing when the trickle of urine passed between her lily white thighs.

Then she made a tactical error ... she slapped my hand. The hand doing the steering, actually.

She slapped it down, and due to the natural reaction to the tension in my hand (I was actually doing a pretty good job of squirting between her legs) my penis snapped back up, hitting her squarely in the boobies.

I over corrected, and the stream went back down her belly into the bowl.

She screamed. Then she slapped my hand again (having not learned the lesson the first time). And the golden shower found its mark once again. A second serving of soggy tits!

She wasn't happy. I was in hysterics.

That was about 20 years ago, and I'm still paying the price.

It doesn't take a WIZZ to know that this was an unusual accident. I hope you mind your PEEs and Qs, and I hope you can aVOID a similar occurrence. I also hope word doesn't LEAK out, but if it does URINE my prayers.

This is the UK about 20 years ago. The youngest in my party was only about 16 and the oldest 19. The legal drinking age for having a beer on premises like this is 18 but back then landlords took a more lenient view of the law and if you didn't cause any trouble they welcomed any male who looked like he'd shaved at least once in his life. The pub in question had really old facilities outside with a tree growing through the gents. Seriously this pub is significantly older than the USA and pubs with oddities like this exist everywhere in northern Europe. It also had the sort of urinal where you pee against a ceramic wall and the urine is collected in a gutter that runs down the bottom and into a drain making it really easy to splash back onto the next guys shoes.

What happened.
A friend who was about 16 went for a piddle before me and when I got to the urinal he was standing next to a big biker type who looked at him with his glam rock t-shirt and Led Zeppelin looking hair and me a foot taller with dead straight long hair and a punk t-shirt and must of thought we weren't together. He then gestured to me to look at what he was doing and turned round and pissed down my mates jeans.

I turned around and joined him laughing and saying how funny it was all the time I was pissing down this bikers legs. Giving it a bit of the old left and right to make sure I got them both. My mate shuffled off and saw what I was doing and went wide eyed. As he me and this biker turned back to the urinals and pissed in the correct manner. He couldn't help but laugh and make a comment what had just happened and I joining in chuckling.

When I got back to our table my mate was trying to explain what happened and our friends kept laughing at him until I returned said "it's time to drink up lads" and downed my pint.

At this point there was an almighty roar as the biker dudes greasy jeans must have let the piss in as he sat down and the other side of the pub erupted into violence. Sitting near the main exit we left as the landladies husband and a bartender vaulted the bar with baseball bats and waded into the table of bikers that suddenly decided somebody was in for a beating.

Next time we went to that pub the landlady remembered how swiftly we left during the trouble and didn't cause them any issues and made us all some food something she did regularly over the next few years.

I never saw that biker dude again. Not that I would have noticed I'm terrible with faces but I'm sure he was on the lookout for the lanky punk who pissed on his jeans for a few months after that :)

What would be the benefits and consequences for Britain if they leave EU?

As I see it the benefits of leaving are mostly positive hence I support the closing to leave for a number of crucial reason which I will outline as briefly as I can.When I hear the arguments against leaving the EU e.g we are a small country, it will ruin us economically, we won't survive, we will lose influence

Can we thank Hypnagogia or the hypnagogic state for a lot of classic ghost stories, shadow people and more?

The hypnagogic state, as opposed to the full on REM sleep stage where dream hallucinations occur, is the place where the waking consciousness meets the subconscious whisperings that contain all sorts of personal content that relates to trauma, conflict, aspirations expressed in illusory thoughts, images and Jungian archetypes, It can be the twilight zone of sleep paralysis

What is the worst mistake ever made by mankind?

Becoming racist and treating people different based on their looks. Just cause they look different, doesn't mean that they aren't human. That's just fucking stupid.