Have you ever ruined someone else's day?


It wasn't anything intentional, and I don't feel guilty for it...coz I had nothing to do with it.

We were there for a conference in a very new environment... surrounded by a new and awesome crowd to interact with.

There was this person (known) who came with me and my frndz...

I knew it only when the person said these words to me at the end of the day with frustration "you ve got a quite few fans in the audience haan!! This ruined my day"

I was jus being myself, I had no clue of what was the reason behind those words...

I was like "why the hell will this thing ruin your day, absolutely no logic in it"

But I spoke nothing and jus gave a blank expression.

So, it's you who is ruining your own day by overthinking, overreacting and having a complex on yourself.

Just be calm and don't let anyone to ruin your day.... Its your day and not anyone else's.

So CBSE announced the results for 10th standard. Those who got 90+ definitely made their parents super-happy.

One such parent was boasting off about his son's results to his colleagues in the cafeteria of JCB, where I am working as an intern. I was eating beside this group.

By the look on their faces, I could say that they were bored. They wanted him to shut up but couldn't muster the courage to say so.

I was enjoying the situation. The parent was on cloud nine. Finally when he stopped talking about his son, he saw me sitting beside him listening to all this. He gave me a look and said,

"I was talking about my son. He got 95% in the boards.

"That's great, Sir."

"By the way, what are you doing at JCB?"

"I am interning here, Sir."

"That's good. You, too should work hard and must not waste your time. These years will never come back. And I'm telling you, hard work always pays off. I have witnessed it."

"Absolutely, Sir."

"So are you a localite? Which college are you from?"

"IIT Roorkee, Sir."

All his colleagues who were quitely sipping their lantil soup till the moment suddenly had come to life again.

"Ohh.. You are from IIT! That's great......"

And then all his colleagues started throwing questions at me about my department, my project, mentor and what not!

Only the enthusiastic parent was sitting quietly, as if his show was suddenly over.

When he stood up to leave, we had a brief eye contact -

"Why did you do this? This was supposed to be my day."

"But sir.. You asked."


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