Have you ever saved a life?


He was my friend long ago in my 10th class. We haven't met each other after that. We were in contact on watsapp but we were not that close. All in knew about him was that he is doing his Engineering at different place and stays in hostel.

Once I got a call from him and he started explaining that he came here by the morning train to meet his girlfriend and was about to return back in evening but missed the train. The next train was on next morning and he couldn't even go his own house as his parents didn't knew he came here. So, I asked him to stay at my house. At night we had a great conversation on what was going on in our lives. The next morning he left for his hostel. By now we became good friends.

  • The First call

Then suddenly there was no contact from him. His phone was switch off, inactive on Facebook, watsapp and Instagram. I didn't thought much about it. After many days, I got a call from unknown number and it was him. He requested me to deposit 10,000 INR in his account (in a request tone). I asked him the reason so he explained me that he has ran away with his gf, his parents thinks he is in hostel and the girl's parents didn't knew where their girl was. On hearing this I got frighten I didn't knew how to react. I asked him to call me after some time till then I will arrange the money which was just a reason to be in contact with him. I thought about it very deeply and what I can do in this situation. I knew he would be caught by police one day and if help him even I would be in trouble.

  • The Decision and Planning

He once told me that his girlfriend was in 12th class from which i realized that she might be under 18 year of age. I have heard of exactly similar case a few months ago where the guy(17), who was son of my dad's friend, ran with his girlfriend(also 17) and was found by police after 3 days and was charged with charges such as kidnapping(she was not), Rape (she was not) and many such charges as the girl was under age.

Note: The charges were not imposed by police nor by the girl as she was also responsible for it and whatever happened was totally with her permission. It were the girls parents who put all the charges on the guy and wanted the girl to be proved innocent.

I didn't wanted my friend to suffer neither I wanted to go to police as I feared that if police would catch him his life will be destroyed, but if he surrender on his own he would be given concession on charges against him. I decided to negotiate with him and convince him to return back with the girl. I planned that I would keep gaining his current location and also what his plans are. I also thought that whatever he plans to do just tell him how his plan would not be a success and threaten him with his own plans going "wrong and against him".

  • The Negotiation

The next day I left to my hostel and he called me again. I asked for his location then he started ignoring to reveal it and requested for money. I gave him few excuses and asked him to wait until I return home at the end of the week.

After that we use to call each other I started telling him that even if I send him 10k INR he would go bankrupt in few days and then ask for money again. I told him clearly that I can't give him any money and he was too stupid to expect financial help from anyone. He was just in contact with two people including me. I told him the story of my friend who was caught and was now jailed. He told me that the girl forced him to run and it was her decision. I told him that the girl will be by your side till you are safe. Once you get caught, her statement will have no value as she is underage and also 2 slap from her father will make her forget your so called "love" and she'll start speaking her father's tongue. You will be the only person held responsible for "kidnapping" an under "innocent" girl.

We use to call each other at least once in a day for a week or more. He promised to meet me at my college and said he would definitely come with her to decide what to do exactly. This was a great thing for me as now they were thinking of returning home. But they didn't came on that day. and after that all his 4 numbers were "unavailable".

After that day I never saw him or got any call from him.

A year after he was standing on my door early in morning. I was in half sleep and when I saw him I was totally shock, angry, tensed but happy to see him. I also feared that I must not get into any trouble. He told me that that day he didn't came to meet me but the next day he went home and sorted the thing. He told me everything in detailed what happened to him in the year after.

A lot of people judge him as a cheater or a guy with criminal background or whatever they want to. But to me he remains a best friend of mine and a guy who made few wrong decisions.


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