Have you ever scared yourself to death?

I scared my self to death once when I was 13 years old and I was on a bus on the way hone from school.

The bus was very crowded and I ended up standing in right up the back of the bus.

I noticed there was someone at the very front of the bus that was staring at me. This person was watching me in the mirror at the front of the bus..... I held their gaze every time they looked at me. I would then look away. This happened about 5 times, until I just got really sick of being stared at. WHAT WAS THEIR PROBLEM!. What's going on!

So I notched up some bravery and looked at this creepy person in the mirror at the front of the bus. I took a deep breath and poked my tongue out at my mirror- stalker and immediately realised that IT WAS ME IN THE MIRROR!! It was only me staring back at me in the mirror! I got off the bus at the next stop, and walked all the way home on foot with a very red face.

Yep, I had a very creepy dream, I dreamed a female ghost. And she was grabbing my hand and saying something. Anyway, words fail to describe what this dream exactly looks like. It was so horrible that I sweated and cried after I woke up from this dream. And I hadn't slept well for a week. It was a very bad experience for me.

Also I'm so scared of public speaking. For some point, I'm weak, I'm not strong and I don't know how to pretend to be strong, like fake it until you make it. But what is wrong with that

How do big companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple design their acquisition strategy for the companies they buy?

All they do is simple. Predict the Future.Their Acquisition was based simply on strong strategies based on future.Eg. Facebook's Acquisition of WhatsApp.Facebook found that, WhatsApp gained more poplar than fb.If they have let it just like that, Facebook would have faced

Have you ever had a supernatural experience on Halloween?

My Mother passed away on Halloween. I know this alone would not be considered supernatural however, after she passed I remembered something that she had told me, we worked together in 1973 in a convalescent home as nurses, she said wow, the RN in charge just told me about

How to deal with a missed opportunity/regret/failure

Own it. Embrace it. Love it.Failure will be with all of us until they put us in a box. And it turns out that failure is the source of almost everything amazing in life. It sure isn't fun when we lose.