Have you ever seen a ghost from World War 2?

yes, and here is her story. although there is another ghost in it as well.

The ghost of Alison's baby

Alison came to see me and said that she had recently moved but felt that her new apartment was haunted. I said I would take a look.

When I went into her apartment, the first thing I felt was a presence. It was a woman, about late 40's, dressed like 1940s or 1950s. Her story came to me immediately.

Her husband had gone off to war and she was just waiting for him to return. He didn't come back and so she was here, still waiting for him. She had spent the rest of her life in the same apartment, didn't move in case he came back and found her gone. I told her that it was time to move on and that process is quite easy.

As I prepared to leave the apartment, I sensed something else. I went upstairs, and in a corner of the bedroom there was a small boy, about 2 or 3 years old. His story didn't come to me and so I decided to ask Alison some questions.

When I told her about the little boy she went very funny, breathless almost. I made her a cup of tea and she told me that she had a little boy who had died aged 2. Sometimes small children don't realise they are dead and so just hang about with their parents.

I told her I could show her what to do if she wanted to talk to him, but it was important to move him on because Alison was presently pregnant again. Sometimes there can be problems if there is one new born baby entering a space where there is also a ghost baby. She agreed and so I showed her some simple techniques which would help her to see her little boy.

I realised over the next few weeks that she would not, in fact , do it and was frightened. So I gave her a deadline and said that if she didn't talk to him in the next week, I would intervene and move the little boy on.

A week later I called the little boy to me and was surprised by his words. He said he knew he was dead but didn't want to move on until the new baby was born. He was looking out for his mother. After I moved him on, I told Alison why he had been around. She cried a bit. Her new baby, a daughter was born shortly after this. Alison asked me about her future and I told her she had nothing to worry about.

Not SEEN a ghost but when I was based in Germany during the 70's "Herman the German" was certainly felt as a presence around our unit lines. Unearthly experiences included freezing drafts powerful enough to make a pile of sheets flutter in doors and a mysterious weight sitting on the duty sergeant's bed one night. He accused me of putting the office cat in his room the next morning.

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