Have you ever seen a ghost in your house?

Just about every morning around 4am a very faint figure walks out from the closet to the front door. He is dressed as a workman from about the 30's or 40's. He has grubby overalls, big boots, a kind of news-boy cap, a thick mustache and a large canvas bag with leather handles.

The building I live in has had many incarnations. Whorehouse, auto parts factory, warehouse. I've lived in very haunted places before, places that make your skin crawl. Places I've seen other entities that were far more intrusive.

But it's not like that here. This guy barely gives off a vibration. If I didn't have such bad insomnia I'd never have thought there were any full body entities.

He's a diligent worker, going about his business. For some reason, he gives me a bit of comfort and I often find sleep after his pale light passes through.

No, and there is no way for such an entity to be visible if it doesn't interact with light by either emitting it or reflecting it. Our eyes and brain detect light emitted or reflected by material objects. Light is a form of energy which all material objects (bulk matter) which have a temperature above absolute zero emit.

So far as we know, nothing else other than matter emits light. If a ghost is not made of matter it can not emit light, and therefor can not be seen. If the ghost is made of energy, then it can not hold structural integrity since in nature energy is always dissipating simultaneously in all directions.

Our senses evolved to detect real world phenomena governed by the laws of physics. Even if somehow ghosts do exist, our senses are not equipped to detect them. If so, then scientific investigation needs to explain how. Until and unless that happens believing in ghosts is irrational thinking as is thinking you may have seen one.

Have you ever seen a ghost at home?

Yes, I have.

In my last home, I saw two - both were animals; a dog and a cat.

I have seen a few in my present home. My husband, granddaughter, a neighbour and I have all seen a female apparition, whom we refer to as "The Lady". We surmise she was a resident of the farm house which previously occupied our land.

I have also seen what I think is another female apparition - possibly my late aunt who lived with us for almost 30 years. Then there was a "shadow man" who moved swiftly past the serving hatch of the dining room. I think he was just passing through, as I only saw him that once.

Lastly, I have seen the spirit/ghost of my departed dog, Zeus. I think he just came to say goodbye. In life, we had a fantastic, beautiful bond.

Usually, I just hear, smell, or sense the presence of the departed. I have also, on rare occasions been prodded or jumped on. When I say, jumped on, I mean by a cat.

Thank you for the A2A, Kari.

Not seen but heard. The church I attended taught ghosts are not real. I thought, "okay". But I hear noises [not voices in my head]. One day I was sitting on my couch and I talked to the air of my living room. I told the ghost {which I'm not supposed to believe in and certainly shouldn't be hearing}. "Okay ghost, I know this home was your home before I ever moved in. So you are welcome to live here. In this home, with my family, because this home was your home. But if you love babies", (baby I was holding was 3 months old), and you don't want us to leave in a rush, then you will not let me know you are here. And we can co-exist reasonably well." I never heard another unexplained sound. I also said, "I will never tell a soul we had this communication".

Many times.

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