Have you ever seen social media ruin someone's life?

Yes it has.

Meme is the main reason for it in today's time. Nowadays many of social media pages or individuals are making Memes. They are made without having a background check or without anyone consent. Here are two cases

Case 1 - In China there was an print advertisement were a lady in her late 20s was portrayed as mother with her husband and two children's. Imagine it as family photo. It was an advertisement for Botox injections and message for audience was to look young. There was no errors in the message or in the copywriting but audience started finding the family portrayed very funny because the facing of family were not similar to each other.

(Print advertisement was for only representation purpose only.)

But people started making very distasteful memes on it and it went viral on social media and later on it became very tough for the lady to find a job in the acting arena. She went under lot of psychological and financial trauma. Later on she approached the court and asked them to remove her memes. To some extent they were successful in withdrawing the memes. But as it is said it is difficult to get anything wipe out from internet there are some traces and miscreants making memes on it.

Case 2- Young lady was with her boyfriend and they were filming their act. In the video you can clearly hear her voice and intimacy act. In that video she spoke something funny in baby voice and that video was uploaded on porn sites by her boyfriend without her consent. It was the case of revenge porn. When it was viewed by the audience on porn site they took screen grabs of it and started making memes of it.

Because of memes the video grab the attention of lot of audience and people started tracing the girls. Once she was traced people started speaking to her in that tone and humiliated her in public. Eventually she changed her states but it didn't worked in her favour and she was again bullyed by different individuals on different occasions. Tired of all this public humiliation she committed suicide.

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Thanks for A2A.Answers below cover most of the factors which can be the probable reasons of Dear Zindagi's performance at box office. I agree with most of the points.It was clear from trailers that although SRK was involved in the film, Dear Zindagi was not going to be the usual Bollywood

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All the time ... not as quickly as oneHope's, because you just can't beat the classic heroes, but for DC it's been recently Sideways, The Unexpected (team of Neon, Viking Judge, Ascendant, and Firebrand), Damage, The Silencer, The Immortal Men, Brimstone, The New Challengers and The Terrifics (new team of existing characters