Have you ever seen something phenomenally sad?

Have you ever seen something phenomenally sad?

I bought a couple of acres in the middle of a beautiful open valley. The place was replete with wildlife.

I would sit on a flatbed trailer I had parked there, and drink something or eat a bag lunch, and watch sparrow hawks stoop on big grasshoppers. The air was a special kind of full. Somehow the place exuded life.

One day I was walking the acreage nonchalantly, not really looking for anything in particular, just enjoying being alive and able to breathe free.

I found a small quail in the grass. It was dead.

I felt bad, but death is part of life. The dead bird in this beautiful setting was comfortably part of it all.

But then I noticed a tiny, tiny, tiny chick... dead beside the mother bird. So small that it was hard to see. So small that it blended into the grass like a grain of rice in a sea of rice. Hard to see.

And then I saw another.

Dead chicks... the more I looked the more I saw.

Chicks smaller than a dime, covered in dandelion-like fluff, and laying in grotesque positions, draped over thin stalks of grass and huddled between clumps of vegetation. Tiny little balls of fluff.

Twenty-three that I could find.

My morbid curiosity kept me looking and counting.

Tiny lives... and why?

As a doctor battling life threatening illnesses, injuries as a profession I had my share of phenomenally sad cases, incidents. And of course due to the overwhelming media coverage bringing everything that happens in the world "into our living rooms" today, we get close to the very sad, tragic things that happen all over the world every day.

But I think that saddest thing we are finally revealing is our own Human inability to love others. Finally behind all the phenomenally sad and tragic things we encounter we reveal our inherent "self-love" and "hatred of others" as the root cause.

And we can't say we did not, do not try. Human history is the chronicle of our repeated and failed attempts to establish better, more positive and sustainable societies, unions, corporations in order to avoid each other's exploitation, the incessant wars, cruelty. But each time the instinctive self-love and hatred of others prevails.

I am still optimistic that in our generation - where we became more depressed, disenchanted than ever before, where even the most promising systems of "liberal democracy" and "free market capitalism" fell victim of our inherent nature - we will finally bow our proud, individualistic heads and start a new, purposeful education, upbringing that can teach us how to accept, love and serve one another above and despite our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature.

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There are the obvious answers.

We finished the WW1&2 Unit this year, as well as the Gilded Age. The misnomered Civil War two years ago, and the revolution as well. So yes I have.

I have also done the civil rights unit, feminism, et cetera.

But based off of the site of the question, I think you mean something that is unique to me, so here goes.

I was biking home from a day downtown with friends when I saw a bird sitting on a telephone poll, missing feathers and looking ruffled, with an abandoned and I'm disrepair auto shop behind it. That was sad.

I saw a happy-go-lucky child become a fearful, depressed, and self-loathing teen. Not me, by the way. Good friend too.

I heard my brother inform his friends that he thinks of me as a prideful prick, and I have to admit that was a blow.

I watched my first dog be put down. She was barely three months old, but with an internal birth defect that made it so the anesthsia was enough that she never would have woken up. I like to tell myself she is sleeping, like how she used to do for so breif a time in my lap while I did homework. She would snore a little, and every once and a while she would twitch, giving away the fact that she was dreaming.

Burying her, placing the rock at the head of her grave which is her only gravestone, was possibly the saddest thing I've ever had to do.

I hope I satisfied your need for depressing anecdotes with my soul. Next time, might I request a question of a happier nature? Sorry, I'm just bitter I guess.

Top o the morning to you, and have a nice day.

By chance, I have.

Imagine a creature that would kill and eat it's own young. Imagine a being that would watch it's own kind starve, and kill others of its own kind having planned it carefully. Killing these by the millions. Imagine thing so evil that it's hates it's own father, and would destroy it's mother. Yes, I have seen him. Now, imagine these by the billions, proud and evil, filled with every self delusion, greed, lust and pride, oh so much pride, one could not be more important except that another beat him to being born.. and even the father concedes this. Imagine a thing so foul that It finally despises even itself, and despite it's father's every effort, even his own death, these will not relent in that, no, these will not even pause in this, but they will know a rage that self hatred wrought, and hating themselves, these do hate each other for it as not one would stop, not one. These bickering monsters would fight over which ones would kill their own father, these demons, in human clothing. Yes, by chance I have seen this. And by chance..

I will see it end too.

Our Son Georgies Suicide, Rest In Peace Georgie, Your Alway In Our Hearts, We Love You!

I found him sitting in his truck, with the drivers door open. His left leg and arm were hanging out, in his right hand was my 357mag revolver.

As a trained first responder his unresponsive limp body told me this isn't good. As I approached him I could see his head was back, his eyes were open, pupils dilated and glazed over. His thoung was protruding from his open mouth and power burns were evident on his gray ashen colored face...

I'm sorry I cannot continue.

I bid y'all Peace,

Genug Gesagt, Auf Wiedersehen!

Thanks Todd for a2a. Since the question relates a personal experience, I may restrict myself to giving an account accordingly (the dead Syrian child at coast was in my mind).

We had a cat who was brought to house as 2 days' old kitten. One evening, it went across the road. On return, we could not find him. We knew he used to take nap under our car. We saw him lying over there. He had died.

It was shocking. He was hit by a passing car. His eyes had bulged out. His face was mauled. Yet, before dying, he groped and struggled for his way to his favorite spot. No one was to take care as all of us were out for a while. . . . It was too late when we were back. All of us were deeply saddened.

We still remember his attachment with all of us.

Yes, one of my acquaintances battling terminal kidney disease. The person was so tired and their arm was poked so much with needles to put the tube for dialysis. By the end they were too tired even to care.

Hope, the person is in a happy and peaceful place now. We take our life for granted.

All the very best! Regards,

Swaroopa Blog.

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