Have you ever stabbed someone over someone you love?

Bloody hell no. One must be insane to do things like that.

Knives are bloody serious thing, and there is no reason to use them in fight if your life is not at stake. My father liked knives a lot (and I do too). It was okay for him if I fought with fists (or kicks) with other guys, but I think he would give me hell if I ever used knife against anyone unless my life was threatened.

Once a guy, a student of the same faculty wanted to fight me, I think because he thought we both loved same girl (she told me she won't be with me earlier, and I finally accepted). I didn't protest much. We both were drunk (me less than him). But it was a civilized fight. We put on boxing gloves and started on signal, with a few other students watching. As I was more heavyweight and trained a bit in boxing, I put him down in two or three punches, and the fight was finished. No serious injuries for anyone.

But in general fights are not any good solution to love matters.

Does technology helps us in every field?

Yes, I does. But in the same time it brings something new what scares me. That social networks which does everything for keep us online and active. I'm very afraid how it change us (I mean humanity) in next generation

How did the French Revolution show progress?

The french revolution showed progress in that peasants were finally tired enough of their kings, that they actually revolted. This was followed by a century of revolts against kings, such as the russian revolution that saw one of the greatest powers the world has ever seen emerge.The french

Has your partner ever cheated on you while you were 'taking a break'?

My ex did. We had a fight one morning, and I stopped talking to him and blocked him on my phone. That same night he slept with his ex gf.He told me this a week later when we met after he called me and we both missed each other. At first