Have you ever suffered for love?

No doubt! We have all suffered enough! But enough is damn enough! I had enough of love and that bullshit! I couldn't see my life clear! I wake up with sadness on my face! Until a few weeks ago when I started my life again! I started writing a book, yeah a book! I began exercising every single day for 40 mins non stop, I started pausing before sleep (I sit on my bed and pause for second every single thought), I started a new damn page, I have learned, observed and learned enough bullshit of some girls! They come to your life, they suck you up! They take your dignity, they have no feelings if you are hurt, they are simply just like animals!

So, if you don't stop suffering, you will NOT enjoy life! You will only live miserably and no enjoyment in life! Start again, never too late for a new start! Life is a journey, start a new page. When you hit the road on a journey, your car breaks down, do you just give up and leave it?! Fix it, and carry on the journey with more passion for the journey than before! The road to success is always full of obstacles!

Love your life, your family, your ex, your new girlfriend/ boyfriend, love yourself and love nature! DO NOT STOP loving! Just be careful! Be wise in choosing the girl you want to share your life with! Not all cars are made the same (such an example). We have a purpose in life! We must live and carry on living until we die! This love will kill you at some point if you don't slow down and look at the person you are dating!

Live in peace, harmony and happiness! Do not hate your ex or the person who made you suffer ! Just live the moment and see life as a test. So, hurry up and pass the test ;)



Of course.

You don't suffer for love, u fight for it! And yeah, fighting for someone u love might not be an easy phase but never consider it as suffering rather consider it as an experience, maybe?

Love sometimes involves sacrifice. It's not suffering as long as you understand that concept. When we love, we genuinely care and appreciate one's personal growth. Sometimes we must sacrifice our own emotions to that of one's growth, wants & needs but never our own mental stance.

Have you ever done something that shocked even you?

I stood up to the President my company when no one else would, in defense of the Executive Director. Everyone was shocked including me, but it had to be done. She was an awesome Director and the Sagittarius in me wouldn't let this pass.

What's the worst, surprise, party that you've ever attended?

well I have a old freind called yuina.It was her birthdaywe planned on having a suprise party*couple days later*evreyones hiding.Yuina dount comeevrey one is waitingparents start wondering wer she isparents start panickingparents on verge of calling policesuddenly yuina jumps out of a closet and screams

What's most embarrassing moment you have noticed in your office?

people are so much addicted by smartphones now a days.whenever they are walking they are just taking their smartphones and checking all the time..One day the girl with smartphone in hand,checking something,unknowingly went to Mens Washroom instead of Women!!!