What is the coolest vacation you have ever taken?

Coolest = fun. 1) Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and camping beside the river.
2) Taking my kids to Mexico City and climbing to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun on New Year's Eve.
Coolest = cold. 1) Camping at the rim of the Grand Canyon in the winter. The snow sparkled in the moonlight like diamonds. In the morning, toothpaste wouldn't come out of the tube, the campstove wouldn't light. Went to the visitor center to thaw out, learned the overnight low had gone down to -18 F.
2) Visiting the ice caves along Lake Superior a few months ago. Amazing to "walk on water", slither into the caves. We walked for miles, as did hundreds of others, bundled up in spite of the cold (-10 F that day). Then we drove on the ice road to Madeline Island. The ice was a couple feet thick, but almost clear. So cool!

A trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

On Thursday, December 22nd, 2016, I took a Zipcar from 44 Quint Avenue in Allston, MA to Red Carpet Inn in Syracuse, NY. We went down Quint Avenue and made a right turn at Brighton Avenue. After that, I turned left at Harvard Avenue, turned right at Cambridge Street, then took the entrance ramp onto I-90 West, and got to a rest stop. Afterwards, I got back onto I-90 West, listening to Vivaldi's L'estro Armonico.

In 2009, it was a little rush but it was a great vacation! I visited Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China in one visit! Flew to Singapore, spent around 7 days exploring and going around, then went to KL by road to see some friends and went around for 3 days then got back to Singapore. Flew the next day to Hong Kong, to meet some family and see many places in HK, (including Disneyland, Ocean Park, The Peak of HK, Kawloon and other places), then I drove to China to a city called Shenzhen and a couple of nearby places and spent 4 days in that little region of China. Came back to Hong Kong for 2 days and HOLIDAY OVER!
My trip to Switzerland will always be special. I will let the pictures speak.


Way back in 1995, I flew to Amsterdam for the High Times 8th Annual "Cannabis Cup" week.  It was unforgettable.

Not sure what a secret vacation is, but I took one with my wife and kids that they didnt know about.

I told my wife that I had a business trip to Tucson AZ (lived in Denver at the time) and that I wanted them to come. I said my meetings were short so I would be around a lot and the Weather would be warms so bring bathing suits.

I almost got my wife on the plane ( my kids were too young to read) before she caught on and realized we were going to Mazatlan Mexico.

I had the 5 days all planned out and everyone had a great time.

Where should I go to visit in your beautiful country?

I am From IndiaVisit Holiday Homes's answer to What is the best time to visit India and which city should I visit?

What should I do in Honolulu as a tourist?

See Oahu from the air in a gas powered hang glider (http://www.paradiseairhawaii.com).  I've flown with Paradise Air several times, and even my daughters ages 8 and 10 went up.  If you get a 2-hour flight you'll be able to see most of the island. 

How would a human body decompose in vacuum?

I doubt that it would decompose.There is no oxygen in space, so aerobic bacteria that normally decompose bodies will either become dormant or die.The temperature is colder than you can ever imagine, -157 C (-250 F) on the shady side in near Earth orbit, and +121 C (+250 F) on the sunny side (measured at the ISS).So in the