Have you ever thought about your life?

If you're asking whether I've ever reflected on my own life the answer is yes.

If you're asking whether I just generally think about my own life,...well, the answer is also yes.

My view is that most humans are pretty ‘us'-centric, not quite narcissistic or self-centered, but yeah, kind of. Even the really altruistic, really nice, really world focused ones. We can't not think about our lives because our lives are generally the only framing point we can use for observing and measuring the world around us.

As for deep reflection on one's life, that might not consciously happen as often as the bit by bit, moment to moment reflections on state, and trajectory, past, present and future, but it still does happen. Usually taking place in those little moments when one finds oneself with a little extra time alone, time that's not being dedicated for use in planning something in the immediate future.

For me that's usually when I'm in the shower, or one the bus, or in an elevator.

Car is moving at constant speed , no driver is in it. I am ROPED at back of car. I am enjoying fresh air. But in know Car is moving towards the end of cliff. I can cut that rope by breaking window and using piece of glass. But i don't want to bear the pain while breaking glass.

This is my life.

I am enjoying social media,you tube,parties and movies. I know i am putting my future in danger. But i don't want to bear the pain of doing hard work while studying.

"We know everything,but we do nothing." -> W.A.G.

Yes and I'm kinda sad to say that sometimes I don't know where the h**l I'm going with it and I'm terrified of disappointing people.

Especially when I think about my family. I'm still a student and my family's financial situation is not the best and I'm constantly worried what might happen if my dad loses his job, if I don't get a job after finishing my degree, if I fail,... I've had a happy childhood, my parents gave up a lot so that my brother and I never missed a school trip, could go play sports, play instruments, go to the cinema with friends, they helped me buy my car, help me out when I sometimes can't pay my bills,... And when I look back (I'm only 22, but still) I realise that I did nothing useful yet with my life. I'd like to give back to my parents, my grandma, society, but I don't know how.

In my previous apartment there was a huge window in the living room. In the evening if I turned on the lights the whole room was reflected in the dark window. I often looked at it and thought of how fragile it all was. If I turn off the light the whole thing would vanish.

I used to plan parts of my life and I still have ideas of what I want, but they change. I have started focusing much more on "go with the flow", without losing yourself.

If someone showed me snippets of the life I've already lived years ago I wouldn't have believed it. The good and the bad times would have seemed surreal to me.

I try not to plan my life too much, but to take on every opportunity and see where it leads me.

I think about mortality yes, about how fickle it all is and how I can make the most of my chances.

Yeah, I have. Its not the most fun experience.

My life is mostly divided between (a) my health and (b) my finances and (a) my spiritual, (b) ethical and (c) intellectual curiosities and pursuits.

I plan on being both psychologically healthy and physically healthy. I also plan on being financially secure and free.

I plan on primarily specializing in mathematics (decision theory) and philosophy (modal logic). I also plan on secondary specialization in mathematics (geometric group theory) and philosophy (Kantian ethics).

It seems that my epistemological model of reality is based on (a) methodological naturalism and (b) Bayesian epistemology. It also seems that my theological position is that of agnostic atheism.

Yes, I have thought of my life.

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