Have you ever tried something new?


Yes I tried doing something new.

I love solving Rubik's cube... But this time I thought doing something new with it..

I tried making flags of some countries with the cube....

My attempts

  1. India

I have definitely tried something new.

In fact, I try new something every day, every year.

Every day I try the new day that lies ahead. It is completely different from yesterday, and has to offer something new.

Every year I try the new year that unfolds itself mysteriously.

Apparently, everything that I do today was new to me at a point of time.

Crying, laughing, sitting, running, failing, passing, reading, writing, flirting, kissing, taunting, mugging the Merchant of Venice, using test tube, irritating teachers, standing out of the class, joking, watching stuffs, using quora and every other thing...

All things were new to me when I came in this beautiful moving rock.

Every other thing was something I tried new until they all were rusted... they all became old. OLD IS GOLD.

Yet, I crave to try new things.

Now, as 15, I yearn to try something that is new to this beautiful moving rock.

I have tried something that is new to me,

I, yet, have to try something that is new to this big blue marble.

I've shown this in some of my other answers. But, its recent thing I've done so again repeating it.

Do you know ambigram?

Quick intro., Ambigram is word written in such a way it looks same when it is truned upside down. People who have seen(or read novel) ‘Angels and demons' might know about it.

Here what it looks like

Why is 'go back to Africa' more offensive than 'go back to Europe'?

How many Europeans were kidnapped, taken away from their friends and loved ones, packed into ships like sardines, transported thousands of miles, and forced to work??And tortured along the way??

Why is WW3 happening?

At the moment of speaking of course not , keep im mind the fact that russia still hasn't replied to the US airstrikes in Syria , probably has no facile option for an answer.Plus Trump will be meeting Kim Jong Un in may to discuss nuclear disarmament . So far thing are

What one city in Russia should I visit during FIFA?

If you can visit Nizhni Novgorod. It is the city Catherine the Great said would be the capital of Russia if St.Petersburg or Moscow was ever lost to a foreign invader. Most of the pre-revolution buildings remain. Here is a video I recently made in Kazan and in N.Novgorod.