Have you ever undergone surgery?

Yes. Six surgeries to be exact.

I had my appendix removed in 2004. My left knee had torn cartilage removed in 2008. The other four were on my right arm with the most recent happening a little over a week ago.

On December 6th, 2016 I was playing dodgeball in state prison. (Yes, my travel agent was a judge who had a different definition of "vacation" than I did.) I went to throw a dodgeball and my arm broke. Spiral fracture of humerus.

Went to the ER and had x-rays and was scheduled for surgery 12/8/16. Surgeon was on vacation til then. Went back to prison to wait.

Ended up having a plate and nine screws placed in my arm. I went back to the jail and refused all pain meds. No need to be all high sitting in jail.

Had my next surgery on my arm on 12/11/17. It was six months after my release.

I have radial nerve palsy in my right arm and my hand doesn't work so they did a nerve release surgery on my radial nerve in my forearm. It didn't help.

6/11/18 I had the plate and screws removed from my arm because they were causing pain.

This last surgery, on 11/12/18, I had a few tendon transfers done on my wrist, thumb, and fingers to restore some semblance of movement in my right hand.

After a lot of physical therapy I will be able to raise my thumb up and down by moving my ring finger and by using a turning motion I'll be able to lift my wrist.

Here are some pictures of the four incisions: one on my ring finger, one on my palm and two on my forearm.

Warning: Graphic Photos.

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