Have you ever unknowingly saved someone's life?

I'm too thankful to God and Doctors for that time..

This scene happend around 10 years ago,One day I was playing in gully with some friends, suddenly, I Came back to home, I don't know why ? And what i saw, I saw my nephew who was just 1.5 or 2 years old at that time he was submerged in the water's bucket and his head position was down in the water and his legs position were upside in that water's bucket and when I pulled him out from the bucket I still remember his body colured was changed and it was turned into blue ones and he was not taking the breathe at that time.

Then we immediately went to the Doctor and admitted him in near by hospital..

Today he is 12 years old and sometimes he talks with us abusively when we tease him..

"Tujhe kuch keh rha kya main, kutte" otherwise he talks in a sweet manner "bhaiya 10 rs de do plz"..

Thankyou so much God ::

What would Europe look like if Rome hadn't conquered Britain?

What would Europe look like if Rome hadn't conquered Britain?I'm not Roman, just British ... my guess is that there would be little difference. AFAIU even the professionals don't know a great deal about what went on in Britain after the Rome-supported civilisation decayed, but my understanding is it reverted to something like what it had

What do I need to know before moving to Honolulu?

Everything is more expensive than the mainland, to stay on budget costco can help a lot. It isn't a lot but it is 10–20% on everything it adds up (gas too).Show respect to the people, the culture, the history and the land.Show respect for your elders, calling people who are

How to wash clothes while on vacation

I bring a hotel , shampoo sized bottle of laundry detergent with me on vacation , so I can hand wash things in the hotel sink and line dry them in the shower stall.If you're kayaking, camping or hosteling and there's no place to do