Have you ever visited Egypt? What do you think about your visit?

Egypt on your mind? This might just be the best time to head there, given the freezing conditions elsewhere. If you're not much of a ice and snow person, Egypt is great vacation idea.

And even if you aren't a history buff, there are several fun things to do here. Check these out:

#1 Go on a Nile cruise aboard a felucca.

Did you ever meet another person just like you?

YES!And she is my best friend ever (Lets call her M). I can honestly say that except for her appearance, and experience in life, we are just alike.The way we think. The way we talk. The way we jokes around with the same humor. We like the same things, we are

As a minority, how do you feel when visiting your country of ancestral origin?

I was in the country of my ancestors once (that would be Czech Republic, but when my ancestors lived there - Bohemia and Moravia - their region was containing nearly

What are the chances of getting a job offer in renewable energy in South Africa without a work permit? (Currently finishing masters degree in South Africa)

Low.Simply put, in (almost) any industry, companies do not understand what it takes and how to hire a foreigner. And in your case, you're looking in a small industry, with fewer vacancies. That said, I don't know your exact specialisation and it could just be the best skills to have.Also,