Have you ever visited Greece?

I would highlight five reasons to visit Greece. 1. Beaches. Greece has the longest coastline in Europe (more than 13 thousand kilometres), therefore you can choose from thousands of beautiful beaches with crystal clear water.

Yes I have, actually I am Greek and live in Greece.

I stay in Athens half year and then spend the other half at the beautiful Corfu island.

Athens is beautiful in the winter. It's one of the most sunny places in Europe so it's perfect if you love sun.

It's also the place to be for history lovers (if not you will love history when you visit it) as it's a place where you can feel ancient Greeks walking and doing their daily activities right where you are walking.

I have twice. The first time was great. I went to Thessaloniki to visit the house Mustafa Kemal Atatürk grew up, which is now a museum. I was wondering if I was going to experience anything negative as me being a Turk but I have not. Everyone was kind, made jokes about history, Turkish and Greek cuisine being very similar, I talked about food with pretty much everyone and how much we love this and that. I have nothing but good memories from that trip. The second trip was to Athens. It wasn't too pleasant to be honest, we experienced a series of hotel errors and ran into some crazy peeps. Nothing major happened though, just the first trip was better.

I personally liked Thessaloniki more than Athens as a city. Thanks for the A2A.

Yes, it is an absolutely amazing place. I fell in love with Greece. I have not seen all of it, just a few islands and the Northern part, in and around Thessaloniki. I still have to go to Athens.

For some reason, I was expecting people there to be arrogant and stuck up. I found the complete opposite, down to earth very friendly and energetic bunch. And they like to party :)

I was fascinated with the little miniature churches on road sides, which were small shrines for people who died in accidents. Also, it was somewhat amusing to see some of the grand concept words in English like "Exodus" used so casually in Greek to mean freeway exit or subway exit.

I could easily just buy a place in Greece and retire there. I am contemplating that actually.

I've visited throughout the northern Peleponessus, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Athens and Crete over seventeen years.

Ive loved nearly everything ive seen, asides Athens. I dont really like cities anyway, but athens was a particularly bad idea for me.

Rural areas are best. They are picturesque, the food is better and people are happier, and the smell is amazing. Olives, lemons, and assorted herbs permeate the air in the evening.  It's wonderful.

I would love to travel around central and northern Greece; from Naupaktos up via Angelokastron and Arta to Ioannina, then swing around to the ruins of Pella and through Salonike to Athos, then back into Thessaly.
I have been to Greece on several occasions.  I cannot think of any bad experiences I have had while there. Best experiences were traveling the islands, hanging out in Athens in the nightlife areas, visiting Delphi, and loads of ancient places.  As a matter of fact I suppose the worst experience was viewing the sound and light show at the Parthenon.  Not a bad experience but certainly not worth the money.
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