Have you ever visited Iran?

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Why yes! I was born and lived in Iran as a child.

I have visited Iran several times since.

Depending on what you want to do a tour guide may not be necessary . Iran has a sophisticated infrastructure and locals speak English to some degree. Where will you be visiting from?

The cities you mentioned are major tourist attractions. They are a good introduction and doable in 2 weeks. But if you really want to explore you will need a month.

South of Iran, the Northeast, Northwest, the Kavir e Loot and Yazd are filled with treasures not to be missed.

People super friendly and eager to please. You can hire a driver for the day or week, they will be happy to take you around and show all the sites. Communication might be a problem however.

Don't be surprised if people invite you to their home for a meal and some wine. You hear it right! Vast majority of people consume alcoholic beverages.

Hotel concierge can set you up with a local guide too. If you want to travel on a budget, don't book a trip from outside. Contact domestic tour guides and hire a domestic agency. As always, verify their reputation and legitimacy.

One last thing! Don't forget to negotiate the prices. Always negotiate when in Iran. =)

Siahat Khosh and safe travels!

Have you ever visited Iran?

Yes. I have.

Is a tour guide necessary or not, and if you could speak English with the locals in Tehran,Shiraz and Isfahan.

If you're an experienced traveller Iran is quite easy. It might be difficult if you've never travelled before, but even then most people could do it.

If you're not British or American, a tour guide is not necessary. If you are (and that's the passport you're travelling on) then legally you do require one, and you'll need to have one organised to get a visa.

But otherwise, you don't need one. Iran is easy to get around, with good roads and extensive and fast networks of busses and trains.

The level of English is not that good, but most road signs and suchlike are written in both Farsi and English. In Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd (the tourist cities) there are plenty of people who speak English and heaps of restaurants, hotels, etc., signed in English. In Tehran too there are lots of people who speak English.

In other parts of the country there are people who speak perfect English but you might not always find them, so you do sometimes have to resort to hand gestures or whatever, but it's not too bad.

I wrote about Iran in a heap of other questions. On day I'll put up photos somewhere:

Daniel Gerber's answer to How can I travel to Iran by myself?

Thanks for A2A.

Fellow Iranian here. If you are from the U.K. The United States or Canada you must take a tour to get your visa.

If not then you can go to Iran on your own. In my opinion you don't need a tour guide. Let it be adventurous for you. Iran is a safe country. To get information about where to visit you can simply search on the internet before you go to Iran or buy a SIM card in the imam Khomeini airport in Tehran to have a very fast internet anywhere and search whatever information you need.

You can use FourSquare app on your phone. It's a good city guide.

You can speak English to locals but better they are young people as old people mostly don't know English. The young people most of them don't know English or know it not very well. It will be difficult to find someone fluent in English in Iran. In other words it is more likely you find a young person who knows English rather than an old person who knows English.

I recommend you to find an Iranian friend before you go. They can be a very good help. Iranians are so hospitable, especially if you're from Europe or North America. Iranian shoppers and Iranian taxi drivers may cheat on you and get much more money that we pay for things. An Iranian friend can prevent this. Iranians are also cool and would make your trip great.

But better not trust everyone you see on the internet, especially if you're a girl.

Don't forget to take cash with you! Your credit cards won't work in Iran. I personally saw some five star hotels in Isfahan that support VISA cards and you can get money from them but it's not worth it to risk.

It depends on your self. What would you do when you visit other countries.

I visited Europe, 5 countries, all by train in 20 days without a tour guide. Would you?

I mean if you don't want a tour guide you need to organize everything yourself just as in other countries. That's something you should decide.

As other answers already mentioned, some young people know English but others don't.

Another important thing is that you can't rely on your credit cards. They don't work. None of them (Visa, Master Card, American Express & etc). You can't withdraw cash from ATMs and you can't pay with them in stores. Why? Mainly because of sanctions and also incompatibility of banking systems. Bring cash in Euro or USD which can be easily converted to the local currency.

No, and I do not have the motivation that I visit Iran in the truth, but why this question

Iran is not exactly encouraging me

Before that I watched the film, there is a woman from Iran, they want to provide for asylum in Germany, because there was in Iran, there is no women's rights, and women marginalized extremely

And when she was in Germany built on a lesbian with a German woman, and is in the place of the refugees, and after that, it was to know that she is not accepted its call for asylum in Germany, and here became established very bad when you go back to Iran, a woman, and ran away from home and provided for asylum and has been the rejection it, and built on a lesbian relationship

Do you then, believe Iran is encouraging travel.

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