Have you ever witnessed a family fight concerning inheritance?

As someone who has spent the last few decades dealing with HNW families, I have seen both the civilized and the outrageous in this area. One of the things that I discovered early on is that it is never about the actual money or item. That is always a proxy for settling some type of emotional score either with the deceased or with other heirs. Here is a good example:

Shattered Dynasty

This wasn't an outright fight but promised to be one.

I was in the penthouse apartment of a friend's elderly and very wealthy mother one day and picked up a Giacometti sculpture to move it so it wouldn't get damaged at an upcoming party. I noticed a green dot stuck to the bottom and asked my friend what it was.

She made sure her mother was out of earshot and whispered that she and her siblings were secretly using hidden color coded stickers to divvy up their mother's valuable possessions amongst them so there wouldn't be a free for all when she died.

As a CPA all too often. Many times over the most trivial of things.

Have you ever wanted something very badly, but missed the opportunity simply because of bad timing?

Yes absolutely. Many people , circumstances and even opportunities will pass through your life at their own time, that has nothing at all to do with you. Sometimes we miss the chance because we are not paying attention, sometimes because we are not ready, sometimes because we do not have the time or energy

Can you go to another country without passport?

Any country that you require visa to enter will require a travel document unless you are Queen Elizabaeth.This travel document is colloquially called as Passport.But technically it is possible to travel to another country depending on your nationality. Some examples:As an

What are the best resorts in Nainital?

Best resorts are chosen based upon the budget you are willing to spend on those resorts. But when you are visiting a place such as Nainital, which is filled with natural beauty, there are no shortage of options for you to choose