Have you ever witnessed someone indirectly ruin another person's life?

Yes... I know several families that were destroyed by husbands cheating, after 15-20 years of love and loyalty they got from their spouses, and they all have kids also... those are real tragedies... once trust is broken, it can never be the same.. all of these woman stayed married, but none loves her husband anymore (and they don't love them, or wouldn't have cheated and lied in the first place)... so for a person that only wanted love and family in life, nothing much, or fancy, this is highly unjust and undeserved, and total destruction of past, present, and future... only good that has come of it was that all these ladies have learned to be stronger, and to love themselves more, and God, faith was the source of strength for them all. Only valuable reasons to get a divorce are: 1.cheating, 2. abuse, 3. neglect (also form of abuse), so these husbands had no justification to do what they did... if a wife (or a husband) gets fat, or ill, or she complains too much in his opinion, it is not a valid reason to discard her (him) and find some low moral person to take her (his) place. These affair partners are also to blame, for taking something that doesn't belong to them, and causing pain and misery to others, most of all children (no excuse whatsoever they can have, anything that is a secret is wrong).
Recently I have heard the best definition of sinners, in my opinion: "wrongdoers are people who discard the ones that hold them close to their hearts"... so very true... if someone discards someone else who truly loves them, they have no love in them, and it is as if they have spit in the face of God... because GOD IS LOVE <3

How to know if another woman is gay? How do I let others know I'm gay without flat out saying it

Normally I just talk about how great a woman looks. Then say I wouldn't mind dating someone like her. Then everyone in the room knows my sexual orientation. When talking with a woman I like, I will compliment her. If she does not response

What is considered morally wrong?

Something is morally wrong when an individual consciously acts in a manner that causes an innocent party to experience physical, emotional or financial harm.Or maybe just doing something that results in a nagging feeling of regret for having been selfish, inconsiderate, cruel or insensitive.It's like crossing an invisible line and

Can a strong human beat a leopard?

I suspect that it would be simpler to look at the animals that you couldn't defeat. Remember humans are fairly large animals. We are also exceptionally fast, reasonably strong, have extraordinary stamina and have intelligence on our side. All those things make us formidable fighters when we need