Have you felt loneliness in your life?

Yes, I feel Lonely most of the times

I have a boyfriend, I have parents and a sister and I also have some really good friends and yet I feel lonely. I feel alienated and I know why.

When I was the only child, everyone loved me. My dad loved me, my mom and most importantly my grandmother and my grand father loved me a lot. I was the first daughter in the family so I received everyone's love. Soon my sister was born and everything changed. When my sister was about 2 years, I was entering the teen years. I felt ignored, I even failed in two of my subjects when I was in fourth grade so I started to put in more effort in my studies as I felt like I need to push myself ahead. I became a bright student by the time I reached 6th grade. Soon I finished school and got admission in a good college.

But I remember those days when my grandparents used to berate me. My grandfather used to spend more time with my sister. He hardly asked about me. The person who was always followed me here and there suddenly lost interest in me. Today when I am in college, whenever my grandmother calls, she'd only speak with my sister. She doesn't talk to me. My mom loves my sister more and she scolds me a lot more than to my sister. Sometimes she asks me to stop talking to her because I am really abrupt and gruff and don't talk sweetly like my sister does.

My sister has a sweet voice and since she is still a kid, she has cute chubby face which I also admire. I am not jealous of my sister and not at all jealous of the fact that everyone loves my sister. I just feel isolated, ignored,abandoned and hence lonely. I have a boyfriend who is very sweet and caring. But I have had really bad experience in my previous encounters with men and so I feel like all men are selfish. I feel like all men are same and my boyfriend will also use me and then leave me.

I will turn 21 in just 6 days. I am almost a grown up women but deep inside I still feel like a little girl who is ignored,abandoned. The little girl within me seeks love but no one is there to love her. She is lost deep in the ocean and she wants to be free

Finally I would like to say that even after loneliness i find happiness by helping others. I also keep myself busy. I am also focusing on my studies and my career so that I can become independent. I wish to earn money so that one day I can travel, buy my own house and help the needies.

I am just discovering loneliness in a new way (for me).

In my early days, as a child, I never felt lonely, even when being alone. In fact I often tried to be alone, to do all the things I wanted to do.

I didn't "need" someone (apart from parents which cared for me). I was teached to solve my problem for myself (well, if it didn't work out, I got help, but help was mostly to show how I can solve it myself).

Then came women.

I was a little bit late with my interest in them. My first sexual experiences started with myself and I didm't feel a "need" for women, though I loved to be around with them. To be clear, I am not homosexual.

Still I didn't feel lonely at any time.

My first lonelyness started when I had a girl friend and after some very nice time together she began to change her mind. She didn't tell me, I just felt something changed. Everytime I was with her, I felt lonely, no prob at all with other people.

The next big love was different, lasting 14 years. We lived in our own locations and met, when there was desire to be together. This worked very well, we both had the time to do all our things and our meetings were intense and very satisfying, both physically and intellectually.
After all those years, we developed in different directions. She started to only "need" me. I tried everything for two years, but her love was finally gone.
I felt lonely when being together.

Fast forward, another long term relationship. She had two children when we met and I took part in their live. We had a lot of good times together. We lived as a family, house, garden etc.
Now after 13 years she decided to finish this story. The kids are grown up now and still living with her for may be one year. I guess it's kind of a midlife crisis on her part.
We are still friends and I moved to another location.
This time I did *not* feel lonely even when the relationship fell apart.

I now feel lonely being alone in my new home.
Something I didn't know before. I never was lonely when being with myself. So I am exploring this now.
I feel emptiness, and it is dragging me away from all the things I want to do. Then I sit and look into nature or at people around me and feel lonely.
Fortunately this lasts only some hours and I get back into live. I think, those phases are getting shorter but I am not sure.

I guess, I have to find myself again. I lived for a family and they don't "need" me anymore...

Upon getting my first apartment after graduating college, it became very obvious to me after about two weeks that I needed something in my apartment moving under it's own power, beside myself.

In other words, a pet.

A fish tank did not cut it - the fish did not offer much company, they hated me removing them from the tank to play with them, and cleaning their watery home was messy and not pleasant.

A dog would have been perfect, but living in an apartment meant walking him/her/it a few times a day, versus just opening a door and letting them out if I was in a house with a fenced in yard. Installing a dog door to that fenced in yard would have been the perfect solution actually. But, no house, so no yard/fence/dog door.

And the other problem, naturally, was that a dog demands being home for that walk a few times a day, so that would have put a big damper on any social plans which involved being away all day, or overnight. (angelic face)

So, that left a pussycat. Not as much of a companion as a dog and she came with the usual feline pompus attitude. But, that did the trick. Something greeting me when I arrived home, something moving around with no assistance from me. Someone (thing) to talk to, even if it was just "Hi Ralph". (Yes, Ralph was a female.)

So, yes, lonliness happens to all of us at some point, so either you add something to your life to make it more tolerable, or just live with it.

"Have you felt loneliness in your life?"

Yes. Loneliness is my most resilient demon.

The overwhelming feeling of loneliness is something that I've been trying to cope with for the greater part of my life. As I grow emotionally as a person, the loneliness grows with me - evolving in it's own ways, wrenching it's way back into my heart&soul.

It makes me think of trying to get rid of smoke in the air - you can't grasp it in your hands and throw it away...


I know what you're seeking in these answers. I know what you're going through. Maybe you asked this question because you're going through the same or maybe you're just curious. Anyway. Here's the thing. Yes, I have felt loneliness quite often, back when I was a kid, now when I am officially an adult.

Yes, there's always this feeling. A need. An empty space inside that seeks for attention. It craves for special kind of attention, it seeks for uniqueness in people and the it seeks for a way to get that attention from those unique people.

Come on, you know everybody needs a little pampering. a father gets lonely when he gets home and finds nowhere closer to him. Exactly what my father used to feel. He used to go early for work akd return hlme by the time we were asleep or studying so he won't try to disturb us. He would just knock on the door, check on us and leave. He confessed to me recently, "Aisa lagta hai hotel mein reh raha hun. Koi puchta hee nahi". You see? That old man wants attention from his family. A couple of people who he wants to ask him how his day went, who we wants to tell him that they love him once in a while. These little things have a great impact

Now there was a time when I stayed away from home, took a room near my college and had a roommate. He had an absolute OCD( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) of cleanliness and his things. Anyway, I had friends, yes, they were always there for fun, good chat, and entertainment. But what of the time when they were all gone? Where I sat gazing into nothingness, checked my phone from time to time but to no effect, coz no one really called or texted me. Yes, we dont need people to tell us how great we could be, but there was always something that I couldn't get. An emptiness of attention.

Although it happens to me today also. I often check my phone no notifications no pictures to get remembered for. I get calls from my parents, yes but I'm never satisfied.

So maybe I know how you feel or maybe I don't. This was my answer to your question. And the people who had really felt this can answer this well. I know people want to project themselves as strong and whatnot. But it is okay to be sensitive , it's okay to be weak and it is always okay to be emotional.

Always remember

"No matter how much the world conspires against you, the universe continues to stare right into your eyes"

I was thinking about this particular topic when the subject of rearing a child as a single parent come into question.Many times as single parents we will began to feel alone especially when there is no support from the other parent.I know for myself I began to feel lonely and overwhelmed.However, I began to realize that I am not at all lonely nor alone because Jehovah is always there.

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Real ofcourse I am. I don't wear a mask of what I am not or I can never be.Existent yes I am because that's the only option I have chosen. I can just exist and keep existing with the same level of whatever it takes.True, yes now that's something which may vary with situation.

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