Have you had a paranormal experience that can be proven?

I'll just post a particular recording that was conducted in a cemetery.

At the beginning of the recording I am saying, "Hardly alive around here, hardly, I bet," and immediately afterwards is an extraordinarily clear recording of a British man's voice, exclaiming, "damn that, what mean!"

I was by myself and this was not something that was auditory from a distance; and no I did not hear it when I was recording/investigating.

The background of the cemetery is Furneaux, and the family that it is named after came from Britain (though the Furneaux name is of French origin, it goes clear to the beginning of the Norman conquest of Great Britain, when people fighting for William the conquerer were apportioned land and took up residence there. In the 19th century part of that family surname took up residence in Carrollton, TX, and some of the tombstones were relocated from Britain in this spot (so it's a fairly unusual sighting to see such tombstones as are at this cemetery. Judging from the fact that family were relocated, it's safe to assume that some of the people that were deceased in this cemetery, happened to have British accents.

I very highly believe that the EVP recorded was one of those people. . . I haven't captured such a recording again, though I have returned back to that same spot 10+ years after recording many interesting EVP.

Some of what concerns EVP as evidence has been expounded upon in some of what I wrote, but largely it centers around the idea that the phenomenon is a result of "user error." Basically people misinterpret random noise in the atmosphere and in bad sampling rates of recorders, and assume a phenomenon called pareidolia; thereby attributing something significant to what is basically random noise.

If you listen to that recording, the only explanation is that I must surely have faked it?

I'll admit that I have at times mistaken something that was my own voice as being that of an EVP. . . I'll need to actually go back over my youtube video I posted and remove what I have come to believe was in fact my own eccentric nature; but no, this recording is most certainly a true EVP, and I am too much of a "shut in" to find some random British dude to get flustered at me.

Also in other posts I've made reference to photographic phenomenon, where a staircase banister reveals what appears to be a movement of multiple entities, that occurred while using a Sony DV camcorder's night vision feature, and I basically took screen captures and used those as a reference point. I've had 35mm film exposures come out with some very strange anomalies (and I'll admit, I can't go back to that time to know whether or not it could be explained in some other way, only that I did have repeated shutter frames used in the same spot that the anomaly took place.


damn that what mean - furneaux 010305.mp3

I have photographed hundreds of orbs in different locations. There were others present at the time. Does that count?

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