Have you seen a bad person dying?

Kind of. I wasn't there at the very moment but I saw my mother 2 weeks before the end. She was terrified to be taken to the hospital. All the way to the hospital and at the hospital she was verbally attacking all of us while we were trying to help but this person was always abusive. When she was alive she worked at a nursing home where people would die on her shift all the time. She got very use to it. She said she would prepare the body for the morticians to pick them up. She had to clean their bodies. Then she would come home and speak about it like if she was talking about going grocery shopping. It really bothered me.

I've see my cheating scumbag for a step-father on a resperator after he had a heart attack, he died early that morning.

My mom euthanized my favorite cat in my arms. He was good kitty, but he often got into cat fights with the the 5 other cats we had. Mom was a veterinarian. That was a difficult time for me. Cats are just like people just shorter and with fur, fangs and claws.

According to me any person dying is bad. But it is again the law of nature.

I assisted a wayside beggar to die smoothly, giving him water todrink, and attempting to feed him before that. A crowd watching the whole thing were yelling at me that he was a bad man. He was desperately looking at their faces , as if begging for forgiving , but no one else had cared. After he was dead someone cared forward to inform the police and get his autopsy done at the Government Hospital at the Taluka place. I had no previous acquaintance with him.

There is not one person in this world who is only good or only bad. They are mostly good or mostly bad. We all have some proportion of good and bad within us.

Remember that even the clock that is broken is right twice a day!

If a person lives for 25 years in a rented house, can the owner of the house get him out?

If the tenant is under a lease agreement, then when the terms of the lease are about to expire then the owner can choose not to extend it and give the tenant sufficient written notice according to the terms of

What's the weirdest thing about being you?

I'm a 17 year old Indian boy.I'm being told that I'm a weirdo and to be honest i too think that I do possess some weird habits likeI hate Movies, whether Bollywood, Hollywood or any Wood.I hate Games.PUB G,I just know the name thats

Are there Irish that cannot speak English (just Irish language)?

Very, very, very, very few, and these would be restricted to areas on the western coast, or the tradition Gaeltacht areas (areas where Irish Gaelic is still widely spoken). These people would probably tend to be very elderly as well. Even those Irish people who can speak Gaelic fluently also speak English. English is the de facto official language