Have you seen ghost with your own eyes?

This happened 3 years ago on the Indian festival of "Rakshabandhan. Something odd happened to my sister. She was late to come home that day and when she arrived, I hugged her and she then fainted in my arms. I noticed before that she was scared and breathing heavily, she had taken the stairs up to second floor hastily.

And while she was fainted in my arms, she started frothing at the mouth. I immediately called the emergency ambulance service. All this while she was pointing to ceiling. My mom and dad both ran to fetch drinking water. Her eyeballs had rolled up in the sockets and she kept on muttering in a low voice Mane Lai Jashe Aa Jay Bachaay Mane" - Translation - "Jay This thing will take me away, please save me" !!

Meanwhile I I ran to ground floor to check on the ambulance. but they were not able to find my address. When they reached, they told me "We don't have any equipment to take her to ground floor".(We live on the second floor) So I, along with my uncle carried my sister in a bed sheet. It was really hard carrying that dead weight of 60 kilos. On the way to hospital they checked blood pressure, her breathing cycle and they told us that her heart was stable. I was really confused at this point and still she was saying the same words and pointing the roof of ambulance. All this time she was unable to move her legs and arms as if she was wrapped in chains.

When we finally reached the hospital the doctor checked her vital stats. She continued murmuring the same words pointing the room ceiling. All of a sudden she grabbed my collar and told me - "Jo Upar Apnne Sambhale Che, Mane Lai Jaa Ahiya Thi" -Translation - "Look Up It Is Listening To Us, Take Me Home".

The doctor was not very helpful . He refused to sedate her, which we wanted so that she could sleep easy and rest well. She was really exhausted from all the shouting and pointing but doctor said no. So we took her to our home back. She was really exhausted and so were we.

We called her in-laws to my place where a fight erupted between my uncle and her Father in Law. She kept on pointing to ceiling in bedroom/Fan, It was something like we had never seen before. All of sudden her Father in Law started chanting Hanuman Chalisa (holy text from the Ramayana) very loudly. We all joined him. After that they threw holy water (holy water from the river Ganga). She started breathing heavily and we were holding her legs and arms. I was holding her hands, she tried to bite me. I can't forget her face. She opened her mouth thrice the normal size. Still we all finished the recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa and she slept for an hour. We waited out side and after a while she woke up and cried again.

She told us that she doesn't remember anything, apart from the fact that earlier she had gone on her Scooty (a scooterette). She remembered that she had gone to get sweets for the festival near a big tree near - "Maninagar Rambaug" (a locality in Ahmedabad)

Finally at 6 PM she was back to normal and she tied Rakhee on my wrist. She hugged me again this time and cried a lot. After that we never discussed anything about this incident with her. I don't know what was that ghost or possession.

We went out for dinner the next day to take her mind off the topic. My family is educated (Dad & Me - Engineer, Mom is a teacher, Sister Masters in Chemistry) We never believed in ghosts but this incident changed our perspective. She is doing fine these days, enjoying her life in US.

"Sometimes all you have to do is just accept the things and never talk about it again. Somethings are better left unsaid"

Any questions on this answer are always welcome. I would be glad to discuss in details.

One morning in about 1983 or 1984, I woke up and opened my eyes - and beheld a greyish-white, translucent, disembodied fist flying towards my face. I flinched, and it was gone. As an 8- or 9-year-old, that was pretty freaky. Still, I did not immediately think it was a ghost.

Instead, I wondered what it really was. It could've been a ghost, but I couldn't think of a single reason why it could be - especially since ghosts don't appear to work by any consistent rules.

But over the years, I began to notice something: I dream in odd ways. That is, I appear to drop into REM sleep in a matter of seconds; I can nod off during a car trip and be dreaming something really complex right away. I also noticed that when I wake up from those dreams, it takes a few seconds for my brain to switch gears. [This may or may not be unusual, but it's still my experience.]


Add to that the fact that so-called ‘waking dreams' are totally a thing, which has been studied. I also learned that human senses are remarkably easy to fool, and that our brains do some weeeeeird stuff without our conscious control. You don't need drugs in order to hallucinate-that can happen on its own.

And then there's the real kicker:

During my childhood, I lived in almost constant fear of my violently abusive father. The kind of man who would punch an 8-year-old boy in the face.


Is it more likely that I saw a ghost fist trying to punch me for no reason, or that I was exhibiting early signs of PTSD?

Considering my mental health history since, the ghost expansion looks very, very unlikely.

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