Have your parents ever asked you for a large amount of money (as in a loan)?

Yes, and even though I don't have many people who know me on Quora, nor does my mother have an account, I prefer to answer this anonymously out of respect for her.

My mother was always a workaholic. She graduated high school and then got married and had me. My grandparents decided the best for the new couple would be to remain in the same village so that they (the grandparents) can help them raising me and building a house.

My parents were most definitely not rich and my mother worked as a baker at the small bakery in our village. However, she was always a very ambitious woman, so by the time I was 10, she had opened a small shop in our village. I call it small, but it allowed us to have a much better life than most of the people there : we had running water, cable TV and a car. For my country/those times, that was a lot.

She worked her butt off to make sure I always had what I needed. I say needed, not wanted, because there were indeed stuff we couldn't afford. However, I never knew what hunger or cold was.

When I was 14, my father died, and my mother feared I will go rogue. She always insisted I get a very good education, so that I can have a normal, good-paying job. No money was to be spared when it came to education.

She only ever remarried when she found a man I approved of. I was her bridesmaid at the age of 18. However, business wasn't going very well anymore. Young people were leaving the village, and the old ones were not financially stable enough to ensure good sales.

I got a scholarship to go to college, so I had some money, but my mom always insisted she gives me some more every time I went home. I could have done without, but she wanted me to fully experience college. And that included both studying and partying.

I started working during my final year of college. Even though I had worked at my mom's shop/bar before, I now knew what it was like to truly earn your own money. I appreciated her even more than before.

After graduation, I moved in on my own, and she decided I deserve a car. Not having the money to buy a brand new one, she took a loan for a small city car. It was my 23rd birthday present. She is still paying for that loan (I am now 25) and will continue to do so for 2 more years. Despite me trying to take over the loan, she said that "it is the least she could do for me since she couldn't buy me one when I was 18 and all the other kids were getting cars".

But business for her is going even worse than before. On the other side, the industry in which I'm working is prospering, so even though I couldn't say I'm rich, I definitely make much more money than other people my age.

Yes, she did ask me for money, and said she will pay it all back. She needs those money to invest in a new business, and I gave her even more than she needed, so that she can also get a vacation (one of those things she only ever has once in a decade).

How did it make me feel ? Happy that I could help her. She is my only family alive, I don't know what I would do without her.

But it also made me feel sad. Because it made me realise that no matter how much one works, things can always go wrong.

Love you, mom!

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