He told me I will never find another man like him. What does he mean?

He's full of himself.

In all honesty, if my boyfriend said that to me, I would kick his sorry ass out of the door. If I get a sniff of narcissistic behaviour it turns me right off.

The most attractive quality in anyone (male or female) is the ability to be humble. We may feel we have a lot to offer a partner, but that doesn't mean we believe we're the only ones in the world out there, because that's not the truth.

To think he's somehow special compared to any other man, and to cheekily imply that just tells me he's insecure, and trying to control you to stay with him by chipping away at your self-esteem.

There's one thing he and I both agree on. You will find guys who aren't like him (except I believe that's a very good thing!).

Who cares why he said it, the fact he did tells me all I need to know. Be cautious with this guy.

It means that this is very likely a red flag that he is an abuser, and you should get the hell out of there.

Emotional abusers wear their victims down by making them constantly doubt themselves. It starts of small-little red flags that you can easily ignore and sweep under the rug like that "you'll never find anyone else like me" comment-but it gets worse, like boiling a frog. Next, it'll be "I'm sorry I yelled at you, but you should have just done as you were told." By the time it gets big enough to be Obviously Abuse, the victim will be too far deep in crazytown to notice. The end result is that the victim believes with every fiber of their being that their own judgment can't be trusted, so they should always defer to the abuser's opinion. When abusers say "no one will ever love you like I do," they mean "you're worthless, so you're lucky that I'm keeping you around because no one else will." But by then, the victim is too far gone-they'll believe they're so worthless and terrified of being single that it's a privilege to have someone who cares enough about them to abuse them.

If your gut is telling you that something is wrong, listen to it.

As no one - among the current answers - told you yet, I guess I might as well disclose this well kept secret:

Nobody but him knows what goes on in his brain. When in doubt, ask him.

He is the one who knows best what he means. And we humanity developped an incredible super power through the ages to know what is on another person mind.
We called this "language". Communication.

Of course, you can always argue about "what if he is not telling the truth?".
Well, then it is about trust.
If you trust him, great! No problem! You just have to believe what explanation he will give you.

And if you don't trust him, remind me why you are in a relationship with him again? Do you really to be with someone you don't trust?

He means that he is insecure and the only way he is successful with women is by making them feel insecure. He's using the marketing technique, only five left in stock, buy now, on you. Keep in mind that if whatever they were selling was so good, they would order more themselves.

He mean You are the soul of his life !

No one will understand than that of he does!

No one will love more than he does!

He mean that you will be a wife of someone or lover of someone But wont be an Life someone !

He indirectly telling that Even God cannot love you more than him !

#Filmy #ButMayBeTruth

Has anyone ever told you something that gave your life meaning?

bothing hsas meaning. Thats why i cared for white pants. I thought we both had no meaning in this life. Lifr is so meaningless notjing makes sense. But she gives me her beauty and i her my limitlesd affection. But ofc that seems stupid

If WWII never happened, when would the first atomic bomb have been created?

As the saying goes, Necessity is the mother of all invention. The A bomb was created in a race to have a weapon to end all weapons in WWII. Who knows when the first A bomb would have been created if there was