Health Tips: Is there one certain exercise I can do everyday to stay lean and ripped?

1. Warming up
Start with a short warm up where you can shake loose  your muscles and makes warm. This can be securely running, jumping rope,  cycling etc. Begin quietly after a few minutes of your workout.
2. 15 seconds high intensity
Try 15 seconds to give everything you have: draw a strong sprint, jump rope or quickly run up a staircase.
3. Move 60 seconds calm
Get  moving slow for 1 minute, but do not fall silent. The idea is that you  are walking or cycling so hard that you just get a little warm.
4. Repeat 10 times
Close with a final high intensity training.

In an unhealthy environment, how can I motivate myself to eat healthier and exercise again?

I'd actually argue that motivation likely isn't your biggest challenge. It sounds like you want to eat healthier and exercise.Instead, try making these activities easier to do.One tactic that is possibly worth trying is to try to start one new, very tiny,

What Microsoft Excel hacks changed the way you work?

Don't know that I'd call it a hack but Powerquery has completely changed Excel for me. I can automate repetitive tasks in under an hour usually and it's fairly easy to learn.I took a process of reviewing invoices that wasn't even being done manually because the files were too large and automated the entire thing in under four hours