Healthy Eating: I am going to the gym. What are the foods I should and shouldn't eat?

You are going to the gym, there are LESS foods that you can now afford to eat. Why? Because your intense workouts can now compensate for some quite crappy foods. But still steer away from any type of vegetable oils and packaged foods. I prefer whole unprocessed foods. You can eat as much whole foods as you can without too much worrying about getting fat especially since you now lift weights.

However there are now more foods that you NEED to eat like animal protein and animal fats Major Mistake: Not Eating Animal Fats - You Have Been Lied to About This all your Life. Eat lots of eggs to help you repair your muscle tissues.
As an airline pilot, do you enjoy commuting for work and why?

Most airlines have domiciles in areas which are very expensive to live in. I commuted for 19 years and I hated every minute of it. Flights are always full so either you get crammed in a middle seat or you don't get on as you try to jumpseat only to get bumped off due to seniority.

Do Indians buy husbands?

YES. it is highly practiced and more of a ritual in rajasthan, haryana, and near by states. I am keeping my answer very precise because i don't have much knowledge about other parts of india. Asi belong to rajasthan so i can guarantee you that husbands are purchased in various parts

Why is mathematics so hard?

I've struggled with this my whole life. I'm one of those who gets it. But as a math teacher, I have to figure out why people don't get it. Here's some of the conclusions I've found though both anecdote and looking at research. Math is cumulative.Students