Hey, I need your help if you can. I just want to launch my own YouTube channel related to India's serious problems. My team always disturbed me and did not stand with me. They always leg pulling of me but I have no other choice. What should I do?

I started my YT channel Clash Guide when I was working with HDFC Bank, every night I would sit down on my bed with my laptop and a mobile, would look to make an advancement in YT.

It doesn't matter what your colleagues have to say about you, you know yourself better. If you think you should be on YT, so be it. Make a few videos with your mob, do a lil bit of editing if req, and start uploading. At the beginning don't worry about the views, just take your time but make 5–10 contents, announce your presence o YT, things will fall in place with time.

How to train for a half marathon in less than 2 months

First of all, congratulations for having the courage to participate in an event which on one hand brings considerable challenge and on the other hand, seems quite achievable.Some pointers which would help you achieve your goal -Please follow a Walk - run program from Jell Galloway which suits you.Follow a step by step progression

Do you weight more when you flex your muscles?

Not you but your muscle for sure. It is simply logic as and you flex your muscle there is a similar thing happening in your body.Your bloods and cells circulation is moving so well and more that your muscle, like in doing cardio session will be more full of circulation and

How does a bodybuilder recover the protein muscle mass after losing all of the mass muscles?

What do you mean? You stopped training and lost all your muscle?If so, then you need to get back to training, get in calorie surplus and be patient. If your trying to gain you need to be in a calorie