Hotel maids. What are some of the weirdest things that you found cleaning a room ?

Not all are weird, but guests leave all sorts of things behind. Pornography between the mattress and box spring was very usual before porn became so prevalent on computers. Drugs are often found, some well hidden, others out in the open. When you check in to a room always check the Bible for cash. Underwear or other clothing in the drawers is found often. The most dangerous, and yet it happens regularly, is people leave loaded guns in their room. I personally can't imagine getting fifty miles down the road and having it hit me "Damn I left my weapon behind," but you'd be surprised how often it happens.

All items are kept ninety days (some states may be six months) and then the item goes to the finder with a few exceptions.

Over the summer I had a job as a part time maid. I made lots of money over the summer. The weirdest thing I have found in a room scarred me. I was cleaning under the bed one time and I stumbled across something. At first I didn't think much of it, but when i picked it up it was a dildo. As soon as I picked it up i immediately dropped it and quickly finished cleaning the room because I was disgusted and scarred. I also found some playboy magazines in this one guy's house, but that's another story. All in all I really didn't want to be a maid anymore because I didn't know what I would find next T_T

What are the bad things living in New Zealand?

Additional to the points already made (particularly the relatively high cost of living and housing), these are the things that I'm personally struggling with:DrinkingNew Zealand has a binge-drinking culture. Young people often go out on the weekends with, so it seems, the main goal being

Do you ever get attracted to yourself?

Well I wasn't going to answer this but reading through the few answers so far I keep hearing that it's normal but don't get to arrogant or obsessed with this stage in life and I disagree.I can remember this stage clearly although I was

What if colonization never happened?

Unsure if, considering the greed aspect of human nature, if this is realistic