How am I healthy if I eat a terrible diet?

It takes time for some problems to show up. Type 2 diabetes, for example, doesn't take hold after just a month or two. The build-up is slower: first there will be insulin resistance, for example.

Same with deficiency diseases, kidney problems, and so on. Generally the weak points are due to genetics, with a poor diet allowing the genetic weakness to burst forth.

In The Magnificent Seven (the one with Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, et al.) the McQueen character tells the story of a man who fell from the room of a 12-story hotel in El Paso. As he passed the fourth floor, he was heard muttering, "So far, so good."

So far, you're not showing any problems.

What documentaries have had the biggest impact on your life?

I recommend Inside Job – Eye opening documentary about the financial meltdown in 2008 and the life of the top 1%. Narrated by Matt Damon.Vice and Vice News – Everything from them. Vice is an

What are some interesting facts about Germany?

I am argentinean and I've visited Germany twice in my life, but both times by just a few days.Things that I've found strange:1) When you buy a train ticket, you have to pierce it yourself before getting on the train. Otherwise, if a guard finds

Do you believe you sleep enough each night? Does everyone need the same amount of sleep?

I make sure I sleep the right amount each day.I try to sleep anywhere between 6–7 hours each night. Obviously there are those days when I have to stay up to study or be in the hospital late into the night after which I usually come back and crash for 2–3 hours.I think everyone is made different and we