How and where do bodybuilders get steroids?

Haha, good question.

Real bodybuilders (compete regularly, have aspirations to Mr Olympia, take steroids and max out on everything) get their "gear" in many different ways.

I ended up selling steroids online to fund my own habit with Real anabolics back before all of the "bodybuilders" today who are not in fact bodybuilders but lazy people who have not even learned how to do basic movements before they are heard saying(read in a whiny voice)

"I'm a hard gainer and for some reason I just can't grow, I need steroids." as they pick up moms credit card and follow a link from sites just like this one! (whaat? Steroids on quora?)

Do you do better on a low carb or high carb diet?

our diet should have good carbohydrates. Good carbohydrates contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals.Examples: root vegetables, fruits, Rice Starch.Rather than totally avoiding carbohydrates, we need to eat good carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, which do not spike insulin levels rapidly.FOR Type -2 DIABETES LOW CARBOHYDRATES IS PREFERABLE.

I have a formal coming up on May 17th and I want to lose some weight how do I lose some weight that fast?

Start eating a low-fat vegan diet that consists of whole foods and no animal products. Take B12 and D3 and get a little bit of sun every day as well as some vigorous exercise every single day. Drink plenty of water but not too much, and eat