How are ENTPs viewed by others?

Yeah ENTPs can be very different. Overall, unlike ENFPs they may struggle with warm relationships. Where others hug and fondle another, ENTPs score better in the conversations, interest, and idea fields.

they have trouble understanding both F and SJ dynamics.

They are probably the most distinct of all.

ESTPs have fun casual vibes to them. They love talking about the weather and their lives, they'll entertain and be able to talk ALOT.

ENTPs might enthuse you in a conversation of the types of food processed in Ukraine. Or the weather patterns and an app they made for it. The N almost seems like a genius, especially if you are one - which gives them a very ethereal sense, and their heads are always onto something new, and NEVER on anything common. That's why they seem zoned out, and in their own world, because they much prefer it to talking about the rain.

ENTPs love ideas and talking about them. They don't feel socially pressured and can certainly lack the warmth and love that Fs naturally sense.

TO them it could be a party, conversation, but it's not about tact and being soft and feeling-based. They'd leave that sort of thing.

The J difference shows hugely. Js gives sort of ambition and a higher drive, even status. Ps are casual and could spend a whole day thinking or doing some work, it's no pressure and goalless fun.

As an ENTP, my friends have seen me as really fun, popular, neglectful, forgetful to contribute to conversations, unique in my mind and self, often the life of the party, a genius, smart kid, assertive guy with points on his own mind.

Women with Fs and just women overall, get turned on quickly but offended at the Ts lack of receptivity and humor. The humor can be cold and they won't cry about a breakup, but think Mark Zuckerberg making HotorNot, he didn't flirt he made an obnoxious website. ENTPs probably dream of that replacing daily life. Oh how they hate all that tacts and skills needed to get a girl, they'd rather be blunt and click on by.

They seem less career based than both ESTJ and ENTJs but much more so than explorers and could be seeking big things and dreams like entrepreneurship, an enormously difficult field.

Girls watching ENTP: I can't believe he rejected me.

Unlike F's they CAN't survive the lack of simulation and intellectual growth. They're all about it. While Fs may be more sensitive and aware of interpersonal things. Ts hate that "crap" and focus on maximizing their time and experiences. Depending on the person, an ENTP is almost better than J in most ways, but a downside is the lack of goals. E N T is an amazing combination and almost all could make something of a mover and shaker while S's sit into schedules and structure contently, and Fs are just kind of weird. It's really based on the person. But each function can be quite rich in life to see how they interact. T may want to go to the movies for the stories and plots, and F for the people going and may be the one calling the friends while the T researches the spoilers or finds the movie. Just read the MBTI functions. You could say that ENTP is a dumbass. Or that ENTP is someone I respect. There's really no Problem with any one type. Just strengths and preferences that work together usually quite well. After all, most societies rules keeps us all together. But if everyone did as they could you would have arguments on "Hey we started the meeting 10 minutes ago. Why are you late P, and wearing flip flops!". While the J could have trouble with spontaneity. So it just doesn't seem to matter to answer your question.

-Quiet for extroverts, although they like to say they're the life of the party but to me this just seems forced. ESFPs and ENFJs seem to fit this stereotype better. ENTPs are the ones stirring things up, but never quite letting go enough to be the life of anything. Being the life includes being the soul, which they seem to be uncomfortable with. Must be the T.

-Frustrating, when they don't tell you their thoughts. Perhaps this is just with me, as I tend to judge their thoughts as part of my INTJness.

-Deceptive. They lie a lot. No, they're just not as genuine in interaction, they seem to be concentrating too much on what to strategically add to a conversation instead of listening to an internal voice. Hence their true convictions are fuzzy at best.

-They have some good ideas, and the rest are just not thought through well enough.

-They're overall pleasant company, as long as you don't stay too long

-Very witty, and most types aren't so you have to force a lol or smile, but not with them. It's unconventional, which is even better

-The best type to listen to (and never get bored) are Ne-doms from an Ni perspective. They feed our Ni well

feel free to disagree in comments, was only half conscious while typing this :)

My main problem (that my parents are trying to help me get rid of) is my issue with authority. As an ENTP, I tend to view just about everyone as my equal. Thus, I am often unintentionally rude to my parents or sometimes teachers, but I don't realize it until they yell at me. We ENTPs are notoriously tactless and insensitive, so we have to actually train ourselves to analyze anything we say, especially when talking to authority, but even among our peers. The smallest comment that seems perfectly normal and polite to us could get us into trouble, or even make us fail a job interview.

Now, coming from my own point of view, I dislike the fact that I have never been able to cry over a book or movie. ENTPs don't connect to our emotions very well, which is both a help and a hindrance. Normally, it's helpful, but sometimes I JUST WANT TO CRY OVER THE DEATH OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTER. Alas, tears have yet to be shed. One of my goals in life is to find a book that makes me cry. One tear. That's all I'm asking. One. Tear.

As an ENTP here's how I view other ENTPs. Since we are competitive by nature, we are always on the look-out for potential competitors, and often may feel threatened (along with thrilled) at the appearance of another ENTP.

I approach them acting like an ENFP, something I grew up as, or sometimes with another type I've learned to copy, in order to scope out their skills. I'll try to get them to talk about some of their ideas (something not hard to do), and I'll feebily give some feedback, in an effort to egg them into a debate. When they enter into debate mode, then I turn into my debate mode, which throws them off because I act like a totally different person. IF they demonstrate a superior knowledge of the topic we are discussing, I will wait to debate them on another topic at a later time, to prevent any damage to my reputation.

Other times, I'll attempt to overshadow them at first sight, and let them know that this social circle is my territory, and I run the show here.

Bottom line, I view other ENTP's as competitors in the social hierarchy, and as people that I can use to improve my mental sparring skills (terrible way of thinking, but it's gotten me far). Luckily, I have found that many ENTPs, just because they enjoy debating, doesn't always mean that they are good at it, and it's downright fun to "discuss" ideas with them.

I'm quite an ENTP, I'm not even close to any other personality type. In fact, I'm one of the most ENTP-ed ENTPs, and I'm proud of that.

I am ENTP but have heard some things that people worry about or dislike about me.

I've on many occasions been told I'm too unfocused and scatter brained. A side affect of NP I suppose but I love jumping through conversations and relating it to other stuff.

I've been told I'm arrogant or cocky more times than I could count. It's really ridiculous I think because I just think I'm confident in my abilities and always want to do something new but I guess it comes off arrogant to most people.

Insensitive. Plain and simple we like to logic and reason through everything. Even relationships we tend to approach with a logical mindset rather than emotional attraction. We rarely take in how feelings will be affected by actions or words.

Too unpredictable. This has come up the most in relationships. I've had a few different long term girlfriends say the biggest thing they worry about with me is that I'm too unpredictable and go with the flow all the time. It's meant more as that they are afraid I'd get bored with them and find someone new.

I find it totally depends on the personality viewing... eye of the beholder etc.

When dealing with NTs they tend to be able to mentally keep up and spar - so I am viewed on the basis of what I know and how valid my contribution is (i.e. do they think I am talking crap or not ;) - basically viewed as me.

For NFs it tends to be very personality dependent - I offend INFPs constantly, ENFPs get me, INFJs I tend to have a bizarre deep-secret bond with (except my wife - mostly annoy her ;), ENFJs don't have enough of a receive-mode to notice anything.

SJs tend to initially listen, then realize they can't follow what I say and assume it is all crap, then eventually come to respect me as a source of annoying but useful information.

SPs tend to get on with me very well, in a sort of comradely way - but I'm sure they probably think I'm soft as shit underneath ;)

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