How are Japan's provinces governed compared to the governing method of U.S. states?

Japan's provincial system is much weaker, that is more centralized, than US states. While the provinces are in charge of administering police, fire and health care, things like transportation networks and such are all run out of the central government. I recall one governor who complained vociferously of not being able to move a bus stop 10 meters.

Japanese provinces are more like US counties than like US states. 

Can science read the past?

It is true only in a Newtonian sense. Thank heavens quantum mechanics and Heisenberg's Uncertainly Principle prevents this handily. Maybe God could do it, but then she's God, and she wouldn't need to.

Is this a paranormal experience?

Being able to post a question on Quora is not paranormal :-)Okay, on a serious note, could you please provide details on your question?

Why won't China side with the US to destroy North Korea? Is the US military the reason why China supports North Korea?

For any reason, I don't think an unified Korea would make China feel safe either.You may say that destroying North Korea. Of course! North Korea, for me, sucks! This country sucks in everything! From human right beings, so ugly record!I am also an anti-Kim Dynasty. I view that the totalitarian regime of North Korea should have to