How are Trockenbeerenauslese wines produced?

Trockenbeerenauslese(English)(Specially selected dried grapes on the vines)These grapes or raisins are allowed on the vines for more than 40 days, after harvest weather permitting.When picked the sugar content has increased exponentially .They are picked and crushed as a white wine and very little juice comes out of it.It is then fermented into wine which I call the (Ambrosia of the Gods) and very rare and expensive.It comes usually in half bottles and depending on the country where it originated is quite expensive .But for that special occasion and experience, it is well worth the price.It brings me back to Germany in the 1950–60 where I was working in this famous hotel Rheinhotel Dreesen in Bad Godesberg that was located right on the river Rhine ,before Bonn the then capital of Germany.It was here that I had my first experience with TBA.I will never forget that I had come from Italy to work in this hotel less than 2 months before and the the price for this wine was astronomical ($12.000) for a bottle.I was wondering who would purchase such an expensive dessert wine during those times, after the war.An ordinary couple not so expensively dressed, sat down at my table and asked for the win list.To my greatest surprise ,they ordered the most expensive bottle and requested for me to decant it.Just imagine the river Rhine passing right under the window where they sat, me with a (Gueridon)(small table on wheels),candle and decanter ,and the request to turn the lights off in the small room I presented the bottle ,I lit the candle and started opening the wine by removing the cork and wiping the top part of the bottle. I will never forget the wine pouring out of the bottle seemed to be gold in color as if I was pouring gold.After the service the guest asked me if I wanted to taste the wine, and it was then that I called this wine the *(Ambrosia of the Gods).The flavors were undescribable and complex that I still remember it today 60 years later.To further give you more knowledge about German wine ,this is usually the sweetest wine you can taste in the scale of sweetness of German wines.there are sometime (Eisweins(Icewine)) that are as sweet ,but this is the best,If you are looking to save money.I do suggest Ice wines or TBA from Ontario Canada,they cost about two third less for a half bottle as those from Germany.

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