How are arranged marriages successful even after so many unknown variables before marriage?

Marriages are built upon two pillars of attractions:

  1. Physical Attraction
  2. Emotional Attraction

In arranged marriages, the first factor is already taken care off since looks and physical features are the only thing that one considers before agreeing to marry someone. Therefore, even though there might not be emotional compatibility between the two in the beginning, the sexual tension and attraction is almost always there.

Now, coming to the second factor of emotional attraction, it varies among couples. Some people gradually develop affection towards their partner over time because they are living together all the time! Time can be a significant factor in making two people bond emotionally. So even though the two people in an arranged might not "love" each other initially, it happens over time. However, this is not always the case.

Some people are not satisfied with their arranged marriage for their entire life. I personally know two of my relatives who have had troubles in their marriage for their entire life, and they continue to bicker everyday to this day. However, they did not get divorced, and have a "successful marriage" only because

a. Initially they could not do so because of parental pressure, and
b. Then they could not do it because of their children and societal pressure.

I personally believe that the notion of arranged marriages without knowing your to-be partner is flawed. While there is nothing wrong with meeting random people and testing out whether you two click or not, getting married right-away without knowing them well is something that always carries a risk.


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