How are cattle dogs taught to work cattle? (Please see comment.)

Brett Williams is spot on. Just teach them to stop when asked and the rest will work itself out. A good dog or a pair of dogs that work together can make gathering cattle much easier. The predator/prey thing really does work.

I had a good pair of border collies and would gather fairly large pastures in moderately rough terrain with 1 horse and those dogs. Often with one of my kids in the saddle with me. I really thought I was a cowboy. Then I lost the dogs and realized they were the cowboys!!

If a dog doesn't want to work cattle there is not much you can do about that. I'm not sure that answers your question but most of the teaching is getting close enough to the dogs that they will do what you ask of them. They already know how to "work" the cattle.

When were street signs first invented? When did we decide that every street needs a name, has it always been like this?

Just look around at some of the old roads in your own town.Sure, some of them have been named after contemporary people to honor their memory, but I am quite sure some of those old roads are named after the town at the other end

When and why was NASA formed?

Basically NASA was formed due to the fact the USA had fallen behind the Russians in the development of technology.Russian space up to 1958 when NASA was created.26th October 1957 sputnik was launched. The first ever Satellite.Fell back to Earth 4th January 1958A historically point in

How fast does star light travel?

Starlight is photons which travel at just over 186,000 miles per second in a perfect vacuum.Since space is not quite a perfect vacuum maybe the slight slowdown of the non -perfect vacuum brings the actual speed back to 186,000 even.I made the last sentence up. If someone knows the actual, precise speed in space between stars let us know.