How are knowledge workers motivated in the Google company? Do extrinsic motivations work more or do intrinsic motivations work more?

That's a great question. Extrinsic motivation works for short periods of time, but to get a truly motivated person, one must be intrinsically motivated. If someone is intrinsically motivated they will be more passionate about what they are doing, as a result, the outcome is much better. Check out my blog for more info on this topic. Innovation Meets Motivation

Why do brothers change after marriage or after having a girlfriend?

They don't. Remember they have a new person in their life and like in any new relationship, in the initial phase, the new person is where all the focus is. If you try to accept the fact that there is a new person in your family

How to loose belly fat in simple steps

Every one has belly fat even people who are thin and have flat abs, but having too much belly fat is not normal. It's a serious problem and affects the health in the way that other fat doesn't. People having too much belly fat are more likely to suffer from blood pressure, diabetes type II, heart diseases,

I want to gain better squat stability and mobility. How much weight should I lift for good morning and paused squats at 5RM to be comfortable with 250lbs 1RM?

This is a very difficult question to answer, mainly because there's no way to know what the direct carryover you will experience from your good mornings and paused squats to your normal squats.I know that personally, I can generally pause squat (with a spotter counting the 2-count pause) 85% of my 1RM regular squat. That may not