How bad is a typical divorce? What is the best and worst it can be?

I had a best and a worse. Not planning on ever getting married again so perhaps someone else will be able to help you with a typical.

Best was about 25 years ago. Uncontested. We agreed on everything and had a lawyer write it up and to get a judge to sign off. Neither of us ever went to court. It took a few months and cost $400 or so.

Worst was with a quite unstable wife. This included interstate flight with our child. Subsequent arrest for not returning the child. Lawyers in two states.

Not being able to agree on anything. Frequent false police and CPS reports all investigated and ruled out. Various expert witnesses. I lost count of court appearances after about 50.

The divorce itself took 3 years. But afterwards there were another 7 years of going back to court because ex wife was upset she didn't get more. At one hearing the judge literally told her she was lucky to have what she got and she would do well not to come back. She didn't listen. I won't quote you a financial cost.

Even my worse case could have been a lot worse. She falsely accused me of being a child molester, a child pornographer, a drug addict and threatening to murder someone. She accused me of more but those were the serious criminal type stuff.

There are many people in prison for very long times based on these kinds of allegations who are completely innocent. That would be a lot worse.

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