How bad is the bullying in South Korea versus Japan?

In the School the same thing. If someone does not like someone - they beat. If someone should be punished more seriously - they boycott. Plus, the Koreans have another mechanism for boycotting - not to sit at a table during dinner where a boycotte eats. Joint acceptance of food for them is important.

Well, but in adulthood.

In Japan there is sexism in relation to young women. It is believed that they will soon become pregnant and will not be able to work, well, or simply a priori they work worse.

And in Korea for the boss all subordinates are his working cattle. obliged to tolerate any of his antics and eccentricities. Everyone must be at work until the boss leaves, but this is not paid for, and the boss comes later than the subordinates in the end, average processing without payment - 1.5 hours a day. Also, a Korean must drink with his boss when he decides to arrange a holiday, and most often he pays for it himself. If a Korean starts to act against it - he is fired on a far-fetched occasion.

What foods are good for your health?

There is food which falls under super food category and has medicinal benefits too. Few of them areGarlicGarlic contains compound Allicin. Its beneficial in many ways works wonders to unblock your arteries. Not only this it reduces LDL and increases HDL.

Why can't someone just snap out of depression?

One, not using proper techniques. Two, they need help.I was depressed at 17. In my case it was a series of setbacks one after the other in the space of a couple of months. And I was able to snap out of it in a couple of months

Does stretching work if you don't feel it?

Stretching is starting to fall out of favor.  Recent research has shown that thse who stretched before exercise were more susceptible to injury than those who didn't.  What is starting to replace stretching is active warm-up exercises that stimulate blood flow and allow the muscles to get ready for more strenuous activity.  Many of these warm-up