How can America help the eastern African economy?

First of all just to engage with Africa at any level. Given that Barrack Obama's Grand Father was: Kenyan, a WW2 Veteran of the KAR, that he suffered under detention in Mau Mau Rebellion and lived through de-colonialism meant hopes where very high for the US, East Africa nexus, especially, after Colon Powell and Condalesa Rice, both high profile Black Americans, had flown the flag for African Americans. However a decade of crushing reality latter on the list of what America could do in East Africa is long and barely started.

Trade, give African goods equal access to the American market, stop hiding behind tariffs and hot air about free trade while blocking east african agricultural products from entering US markets.

Make American end users of resources extracted by militias in the Democratic Republic of Congo accountable, the rape of the Congo is a disgrace.

Help African nations collect taxes from US multi national companies that transfer price or extract the income that should belong to the African States as Royalties or intra company loans.

Stop dumping second hand clothes/goods in the East Africa Market which has negative consequences it has killed off the local textile industry.

Make companies and individuals who support bribery and corruption accountable and punish them.

Help stop politicians and public servants stealing and hiding the money offshore in the US, Caribbean and Europe, should Mugabe's family and cornies be allowed to buy condo's in the US, surely not.

Help the security situation in the horn of Africa and the internal security situation with Muslim Minorities by:

  • Getting out/withdrawing/disengaging from of the Middle East in such a public manner.
  • Take a more constructive approach to Palestine demonstrate some impartiality, especially when dealing with issue or Jerusalem the third most holy city to the Islamic faith
  • Stop supporting regime change like they have done in Egypt and Libya when they cant manage the consequences
  • Help stop the flow of resources in support of the Saudi Model of Islam by using its political and diplomatic muscle on one had and actually building some schools and resources like the Saudis do.
  • Recognise the independence of Puntland and Somaliland
  • Along with the jobless situation in Somalia the other huge driver of refugge numbers is the brutal Eritreia by the dictatorship influence can be applied both in Azamara and in Addis.

Use the Navy and Coast Guard Expertise to help provide some protection of East African Fisheries which are being plundered by China Taiwan Korea you name it, there is huge factory fishing in African waters

Work on projects to set protect biodiversity by working with local communities to enhance and develop African cooperative models for biodiversity management other than just locking up the land in national parks, this is good for tourists but doesnt help hungry people

Work with India and the SAARC to develop a peace and security frame work in the Indian Ocean.

Match China's infrastructure development generosity build or renovate any of the mirriad of projects needing done in East Africa.

Understand that the key challenges facing East Africa:

Food Security: Addressing agricultural productivity (of small farmers not big business), land and soil degradation and rehabilitation

Living Conditions, Urban infrastructure in mega cities like Nairobi, Daresalam etc the issues in order are water, sewage, power, waste management

Health, the price of medicine for base line diseases

Education, the issues are access, especially for girls and the rural poor.

The key reasons for missing school as teenagers are:

Menstrual cycles, young girls have no access to basic period management so the sit out school for a week every 4

Having to work to feed their siblings

No family money to pay for books or uniforms

Educational infrastructure, schools, universities and colleges are in terrible condition or are often out doors or with out power, the reading books for university are often equal to the whole yearly income of a university student.

The loss of capital via: Corruption, poor business ethics and manipulation.

Security in Somalia, the Eastern DRC including Rwanda, Burundi and Ugandan boarder and peace in Southern Sudan, dont just kill people without trail using drones, engage.

So there is a lot America can do for East Africa with out even moving their buts from off the comfy chairs of DC and if they come to East Africa then there are dozens and dozens of things to do.

How much does a software engineer earn in Africa?

I just hope that you are not one of those who confuse Africa with being a country as it is not and just as it is different to have different salaries in the different countries of Europe, the same way it is to have different salaries throughout the countries in Africa.I can't speak for all