How can Apple Numbers increase its market share relative to Microsoft Excel?

Why would Apple Numbers want to increase it's market share? Apple generally doesn't care about market share in any field; they care about mindshare and profit share, both of which they dominate in the hardware field. As far as Numbers/Pages/Keynote go, Apple is offering them for free. They don't want people buying a Mac and then being forced to go out and buy additional software to get basic functionality out of their computers. So they try to give a great out of box experience. They have no interest in competing with Microsoft in that field nor should they. They make no money from Numbers so why should they care if people use it?

Assuming they did want to spend money to increase market share of a free product they offer, which gains them nothing, they could promote it more heavily in the Mac App Store, push out TV ads and billboards. However, I suppose if they really wanted to push it they could just automatically have it installed on all Macs instead of just giving offering it as a free download. Once again though, why would they?
Which offer to choose, Google or Apple?

Finding the best team is far more important than deciding the best company, especially between Apple and Google, which are both great companies to work for.  Being on a good team in one is better than a bad team in the other.

What is the difference between Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet?

I kind've agree with the other answers here. Sheets is a simpler and (possibly) more intuitive version of Excel, but delending on what you want to do, it may be more than sufficient for your needs. And it's free.The best way to find out

What are some weird but true life hacks?

+Tag for your gmailWe all know the personal details of users are sold by many websites to many e-commerce and big data analysis companies. The use of a plus sign ("+") in an email address can be very useful to know if your data is being leaked by someone. Gmail, as well as two