How can Humor help us to live life more happily?

There are tremendous benefits of humor in life.
To my mind, one of the greatest thing about humor is that one can
develop wisdom and discern many truths about human life. In this way we can live more happily, peacefully and wisely.

Other benefits include the following:
1. Humor helps to get people to listen.

2. Humor can improve memory retention.

3. Humor increases persuasion.

4. Humor helps in learning.

5. Humor can make one to be more well-liked.

6. Humor connects us with others.

7. Humor helps reduce status differentials.

8. Humor can help diffuse conflict.

9. Humor builds trust.

10 Humor enhances working relationships.

11 Humor boosts overall brainpower.

12 Humor helps in decision-making

13 Humor triggers new connections.

14 Humor improves creativity and ability to solve problems.

15 Humor provides motivation.

16 Humor can help reduce stress.

17 Humor helps improve the immune system.

18 Humor relaxes muscles.

19 Humor helps one in terms of exercise - it burns calories

20 Humor helps one to live a happier life

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I still have a lot to learn about humour and life but I know for sure that my marriage has benefited from the humour that my husband and I are making an effort to inject into almost everything.

Our lives aren't easier (than at any time before now) but there's substantially less tension/stress in our home. Communication is smoother. I guess that's because with humour, there's no room or need for defensiveness. We are literally in a safe place. We can let our guards down. Active listening is easier too. I have found that balancing humour with mutual respect is also important to fully realize the power of humour.

In my new experience, the "big stuff" seem to shrink in the presence of humour. We laugh together, with each other, at each other even, and can be silly, goofy and playful. The potential for feeling judged, criticized or misunderstood is low. There's less room for offense. And forgiveness flows with ease where offense is found. Our friendship is easier, stronger, sweeter.

This has been a huge area of growth, more for me than for my husband because he gets humour but it wasn't really one of my strong points until recently when I took stock of all the personal and relational wear and tear that my "seriousness" was causing.

Altogether, I feel much safer in baring my heart to my husband. I'm definitely more fun to be around. I laugh more. I sleep better. I worry a bit less. I'm proud of my post baby body which I'd say is a strong 8/10 but still used to bother me because yes, it has changed! I've not entirely lost my "seriousness". It's an important part of who I am- my temprament, my purpose... I've only chipped at it enough to learn this:

If you can laugh about it, you win.

We're winning.

I'm happier.

And as they say, happy wife, happy life. You know?

Humor causes us to relax and view life from a brighter perspective, not to take ourselves too seriously. This releases helpful endorphins from our brain. About 40 years ago I read a book by a man who was diagnosed with an incurable disease he locked himself in a room for a month and watched all the slapstick moves he could find and emerged cured. Don't ask me the name of the man or the book because those were not the lightbulb moment for me just the end result.

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