How to DIY a room

It is a rule that's hardly ever stated but often intended: When you paint the wall, you should paint the whole thing, bottom to top. But this rule begs to be broken. Painting a "half" wall (which can actually be more or even less than half, or some kind of amount you choose) can revitalize the look associated with an entire space, plus often with as little as one to 2 pints associated with paint. That makes this particular easily an under-$100 makeover that you can achieve in a single time. If you've been frightened to pick up a paintbrush, here are several ideas that may change your mind.

1. When painting a half wall, you may paint to halfway upward the wall or in order to any height you want. Ending the paint a little above the eye line may let the color endure out more, while stopping it below will keep more of the white-colored or neutral hue to create a more open and well-ventilated effect.

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DIY rooms is not such a complicated task as more people think. You can simply create your boring room into an ecstatic one by drawing walls creatively. You can draw waves, birds or many other new creative things to bring your room into life.
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