How to avoid calling my boyfriend


Basically a person has 3 addictions in the 21st century (it can even be more). First is the internet second is the music and third are relationships. So in order to get over the boyfriend thing get addicted to something which does not cause harm either to your brain nor your body.

I've got some list of things I told my friends while they faced a problem as such

  1. Listen to music (not the sad ones)
  2. Watch comedy shows (eg. Canvas laghter club , wild n out)
  3. Watch a movie for a change

Try to avoid thinking about him, for that you'll need to start thinking about other, more interesting things.

Sometimes in relationships we tend to forget ourselves and stop doing certain things that make us, us. Rediscover your old hobbies and discover new ones. Reading engaging novels-fiction or non-fiction whatever you're into, helps a lot.

Should people eat meat or not?

We should not eat meat because of the following reasons:Most polluting industryBecause meat and livestock is one of the most polluting industries of the world. Whatever ecological damage we face today can be attributed significantly to this non-essential industry. (refer United Nations document on meat industry being culprit for climate change,

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O my God! Your question reminds me of a restaurant on my trip to India which servers variety of vegetarian dishes, starters, pickles, chutneys, papadums, sweets & different beverages. It is called a

What's a moment where time stood still in your life?

8th may 20189:30 pmMy flight just landed at Jaipur(my home town) from Chennai. I just returned from my college after 6 months completing my 1st year of airport my dad was there to receive me with my cousins but not my mom. When asked