How to be happy without any friends

Well it is not that much difficult, if you want to live happy without friends than make everything as your friend of this universe. It is not necessary that your friends should be your colleagues or peer group, it can be anything and anyone. Once you will develop this thought than you will realize that it is so easy to live happily alone and without those so called friends, go and feel everything of this nature, observe people, try new things, new cuisines, new clothes and lot more you can do which will make you happy even if no one is with you. Just plug your earphones play your favorite track and move, enjoy life to its greater extent and let the world be jealous from you that how can she be so happy alone..? but believe me you will learn to live life to a new level, the things, places, facts,monuments, nature beauty, family members, birds,cuisines,animals,skyscrapers will be all your friends and they will never disappoint you because they don't want anything from you they just give that immense pleasure to your heart and soul. And they are perfect with friend lines "No Demands No Complaints".

The views which i shared are not hypothetical, i myself do this and really i enjoy my life very much and live happily. Its not like that i don't go anywhere with my and my friends roam a lot, but if they don't want to go then its not like that i also cancel my plans..i don't give a damn to all those and go alone on my way and enjoy my life happily.

If your friends are with you then enjoy and if they are not with then just ignore that situations and let yourself move with your colorful mind and paint this world in your on way and colors.

Live free live happily.

It sounds like you are having problems with your current friend circle. I shall tell you what I did.

First, you will feel lonely without friends. In order to not feel lonely, you should be occupied in some work. This will only work if you are completely into the work.

Find your passion or ambition. Work towards achieving it. You will love the work and won't look at the watch for stopping.

If you really work hard on your passion, you will get new friends you are compatible with. I have first hand experience with this.

Next is understanding the fact that the world is a cruel world and everyone is selfish. They care for themaelves only (with exception of a few).

Hence, you will know that others' opinions or actions don't matter at all. You have a goal. Work towards it. The opposition doesnt matter.

Hey There!
I must say it's a really interesting question that you have asked.

Being happy is an emotion that comes from within and if you are strong person from the inside no one else can control your emotions, not even your friends.

Mark my words mate "Your happiness depends entirely on you and you only". Not having friends is not at all a big of a deal. You can enjoy your life completely even without them. All you need to do is start feeling happy in the company of yourself. What I strongly believe is that when a person starts enjoying his own company and becomes comfortable with himself being alone then he becomes the strongest, both mentally and physically!

You need to understand the concept that no one in this world in permanent. Everyone is temporary. Everyone will leave one day or the another and that will make us sad. So it's better to bot let our happiness depend on someone else!

All you need to do is feel good about yourself and do the things that make you really happy and take my advice, do those things more often!
Smile more.
Laugh louder.
Enjoy yourself.
Enjoy your life.
Take a walk in the nature.
Read a book.
Take yourself out for shopping.
Learn something new.
Talk to your parents more often.
Play with little kids.
And trust me this list can go and on. Get out of your room and see the world. There are a number of things which you can do to make yourself happy, you just need to get out and live!

Don't let your happiness depend on anyone but yourself.

Friendship is a concept, humanity is the reality. I remember when I got admitted for my graduation in the university. I had no friends around since I came till three weeks . I was so punctual, so sincere in studies, everyone enjoys their college life, and I simply sit at the corner and the only thing I do is study.

People find me boring and this makes distance from my classmates. But when I started presenting myself in front of them then, they found me interesting and came to me for help in studies. So, by this way, I got a chance to help them and they found me kind hearted and showed me a hand of friendship.

Think, if I had denied to help them, they would have found me arrogant and they would have never came to me again and I would have remained lonely for my whole bachelor's life.

So, whatever you will give, you will get it back. Help others, you'll never be sad. For a happy life a good heart is needed not a specific friend.

Recognize your worth. Oftentimes, people depend on friends for validation of their worth. You may think, "Sarah adores me, so I must be fabulous" or "At least I'm invited to all the parties." Truth is, you should feel great about yourself regardless of who your friends are or how many you have. Learn to validate yourself instead of needing others to do it.

Start a self care reigme. Create a list of self-care activities that allow you to do something good for yourself. Start adding some of these activities to your calendar each day. Regular self-care can help you feel emotionally healthy-so you won't have to rely on others to make you feel good about yourself.

Support your physical health by meditation and exercises.

Start writing gratitude for the things which makes you happy.

Do what you love.

Start enjoying yourself.

Challenge yourself.

Start creating goals for yourself.

Book reading.

Nature walk with soft music.

Avoid sad music.

Help in community work.

Book reading.

Have a pet.

Reinforcement and self rewards for good work that you had done.

Write your own quotes.

Enjoy the best experience you had with your friend and thanks to him for being the part of your life.

Stop complaining about others be responsible for your actions.

Think of end possibility of events and be proactive.

Don't runaway from weakness that make you aloof from others.

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