How to be motivated every day and work for my improvement every single day

This question is most apt for me right now, as I am practicing a habit which may (or may not) have the answer to changing the way I live my life. I want to share the same and many of you may try it for a day or week or month or more.

So the plan is like this.

Set some 5 - 6 goals. Maybe 3 relating to your office work, one related to fitness and one or two in relation to your passion/side business idea.

So now you have 6 goals and you should make a promise that you will work on each everyday. Every morning after getting up, set 6 mini to dos relating to your 6 major goals. Each to do should not take more than 15–20 minutes. Then the actual exercise begins.

Take a to do, let's say work related : that one mail that you have been procrastinating forever. Keep your cell phone timer for 15–20 minutes. In that time, no going to toilet, drinking water, calls, errands nothing. It's like u have locked that 20 minutes. Sit tight for 20 minutes and do that to do. Give your best to it. At the end of 20 minutes, check 2 things. 1. How much more work is left in that particular to do? Say if it will complete in another 10–15 min, sit tight and complete. 2. What is your focus and interest in that to do in last 20 min.? If you feel you are enjoying it, sit tight and complete. If both of above not possible, then move to your next mini to do.

Let's say next is regarding fitness. Set a 20 min timer and dedicated it to 20 min exercise maybe cardio, maybe yoga. Whatever. Move on to next.

Let's say it's your passion to do. Say you want to write a book. Set 20 min timer. Start off. Maybe a para, a page. At the end of each 20 min session ask yourself the 2 questions that I told. And then carry on with same or move on to next to do.

The entire exercise may involve you for 1.5 hours to 2 hours everyday for all mini to do put together.

At the end of the month you have achieved:

Regarding work to do: maybe many sorted emails, no pending emails, little procrastinated work is taken care of.

Regarding fitness to do: You will be lot fitter and flexible than previous month.

Regarding passion to do: you may have completed around 20–25 pages of your book, giving it a great start, some other passion on which initial work is done and you can seriously consider it as side business/start up.

So in one month your life will change. Imagine what you can do in a year!!! We all have potential. Let's atleast dedicate 20 min and see what happens. As they say, 'Consistency is the key!'

If you feel motivated by this method, please do an upvote. It will motivate me!

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